From food safety to furniture safety, from eating to living, it is difficult for Chinese people to find a feeling called “stable”. Whether it is low price, cheap price or even high price, the brand has gone wrong, it is graying, and the quality problem is In 2011, there was a landslide, and the trust landslide that came with it was even more so. We decided to focus on the fraud of home products this year. The inventory is not for sunburn, because we believe that in today's brand awareness and brand warfare, this may still be a "golden quality, gold signboard" night before the dawn of a melee, perhaps smashed, the people are safe The brand has also been established.

Let's leave this article, let's take a closer look at the progress and regression of the industry in 2012.

Fraudulent incident that cannot be injured in the year

NO.1 Da Vinci home care can not afford the origin

The Da Vinci home forged origin event can be said to be the deserved leader of the annual fraud event.

On July 10, 2011, CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" broadcasted "Da Vinci's high-priced furniture "foreign brand" identity was accused of fraud, and it was a sudden public opinion. Hundreds of thousands of millions of high-priced furniture have instantly lost their prices, and a high-end imported furniture forged the origin of the dispute has become a "major problem" beyond the home field.

This event has a huge "textbook" meaning for the entire industry:

1. For a period of time, the entire high-end imported furniture industry is in danger. No one dares to stand up and say that he is “imported furniture”. Although there are innocent people, most of them are “pseudo-foreign cards” and “patriotic characters”. goods".

2. Even if it is a large enterprise group, the crisis public relations is still full of problems. From the narrative of “Don Chen’s Family History” started by Pan Zhuang Xiuhua, the general manager of Da Vinci’s home, all the way to shirking responsibility, the lips are not right to the horse’s mouth + the drag and drop, so the way to solve the problem is most likely to cause resentment, and the courage to take it Consumers are respectful of the company. In this respect, IKEA's recall of the product has won the support of consumers and it is worth learning.

3, "High-end home" does not mean "Ping An Daji", big brands do not mean that there are large factories, mass production must not be big brands.

4, Da Vinci's home is not "killing the rich and helping the poor", at least it does not "help the poor", at most it is a funny black humor.

5, something went wrong, "screaming" a lot, whether it is the allies or competitors, everyone beat the dog, still very happy.

6. Recently, a message was made that Da Vinci’s home rights were unreasonable, and the speech was blocked. The media did not dare to go against the trend and fell into the trap of Tacitus.

Xiao Yan said: There is a Da Vinci in Italy, and Da Vinci in China. Da Vinci wants to climb relatives with Italy, hurting customers and hurting himself. This kind of game is also awesome.

NO.2 "American 佬" that Taier Electric can't afford to hurt

As the leading brand of instant water heaters in China, Taier Electric has entered the road of corporate integrity that is suspected of false propaganda. "American Taier Electric" provoked doubts after the frequent incidents of complaints. After unannounced visits and investigations, it was confirmed that the US identity fraud was true and the company was like an empty shell.

Just in the high-profile "American goods" identity for home appliance promotion, its company Shenzhen Taier Wei Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd. has been packaged for sale in July, which can not help but be surprised, in Shenyang is still doing business of buying and selling business agents Where is the origin, consumer rights cannot be guaranteed.

Taier Electric followed the Da Vinci home furnishing winds, and in the market environment of “imported household products” at the time, it was really “strong”, but it was too strong and often hurt itself first.

NO.3 The first place in the big art tree floor can not afford to hurt

Da Yi Shu floor advertising slogan "continued to export the first floor brand in the United States" was questioned by the industry, suspected of false propaganda and induced consumption.

An authoritative person told reporters that "there is no official authority in China that can provide such data certification, and it can be proved that Da Yishu floor exports to the United States the first sales document. Dayishu floor itself has never published any data. To illustrate their 'first' identity, this constitutes a false propaganda of the brand in advertising, is a false act."

Just like a primary school student likes to change the test paper scores, and change the "66" to "99". This kind of mentality is understandable. But it must be considered whether the behavior behind this behavior affects people's interests, such as inducing consumer psychology and consumer behavior.

Quality problems that cannot be injured in the year

NO.1 "foam viscera" that Emperor Ware can't afford to hurt

In August, the “problem toilet” of Emperor Sanitary Ware made a lot of waves in the industry. “The price of toilet foam is done” is unbelievable. When the merchant denies that the product is “foam viscera”, the angry consumer opens the product and confirms the “foam toilet”. This move has intensified since then, so that when the “problem furniture” is encountered, “砸” is displayed to the dealer. Become a way to solve problems.

In response to this matter, the emperor company specifically affirmed: "This is by no means a product quality issue, nor a security issue. It is not a matter of shoddy, cutting corners, etc., which violates state regulations." However, in the face of doubts, the Emperor Sanitary Ware has neither the right medicine nor the following, so how to make people suspicious.

NO.2 "Problem pot" that Supor can't afford to hurt

From the "quality door" to the "Rashomon" of the new and old standards, Supor is caught in the whirlpool of "problem pot". Some media claimed that this is a spy war drama that happened in the cookware in real life. The China National Hardware Association's new national standard for stainless steel cookware is about to be terminated. Experts analyzed that the "Reply" of the Ministry of Health and the new standards to be issued are undoubtedly an important symbol for the integration of domestic stainless steel ware detection standards with international standards.

This war without "standards" ended because a "standard" ended.

NO.3 "Reseller" can not afford to hurt the sofa

In October of this year, the left and right furniture stores sold “paper furniture”. Consumers directly opened the furniture they bought in front of the store. In the process of confirming that the furniture was made of paper, they revealed that the dealer was in the store. The unspoken rules of "tying" other products.

Furniture is not from the left and right furniture, but from the left and right furniture stores, this is the mystery of tying.

This incident tells us that the management brand of the dealer should be put on the agenda and keep in mind, otherwise the brand will not be guaranteed.


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