Trekking is a full-time trekking, from point A to point B. An adventure activity that spans mountains, jungles, deserts, snow fields, streams, or canyons. Precautions:

First, teamwork

Group crossing (more than 2 persons) is a good opportunity to express teamwork spirit. Successful, happy and smooth crossing is achieved by everyone in the group. Especially in harsh and difficult environments, teamwork is more important.


1) Determine a captain and give him considerable power. There must be concentration in democracy as well. This is very important. 2) Clear division of labor, such as: opening a route, breaking a line, making a fire, camping...
3) Pay attention to the type of team when you have a large number of players. If your team is too long, it is easy to lose teammates or someone may have accidents and not discover them in time. 4) All equipment and supplies should be scientifically distributed according to the strength of each human body and gender, so that the team can maintain Consistent speed 5) If someone encounters a serious injury, the entire crossing plan must be strained, all abandoned or some people with wounded retreat

Second, physical distribution should be well controlled

In general, you can rest for 5-10 minutes on an uphill slope and 10-15 minutes on a downhill slope for every hour.


1) Keep the uniform speed as much as possible, master the rhythm, rest and eat according to the planned rest time. 2) Adjust the plan according to the physical condition of everyone on the way, and if necessary, extend the crossing time. Avoid unnecessary physical overdrafts and leave room for physical activity for unforeseen and unexpected circumstances

(III) Direction

Collect maps and relevant data of active areas as much as possible before travel, and make a preliminary understanding of the major changes and obvious signs that will emerge. When there are contour maps, it is possible to analyze the scheduled routes and directions, such as: a few mountain passes, several passes, and roughly elevation and descent. This helps to determine the direction on the move.


1) Carry a more accurate compass and altitude table (some areas are needed)
2) Bring and protect maps and data 3) Bring signal pens and playing cards to prepare road markings when getting lost 4) If you have little information about the crossing area and the conditions are complex, please walk through People walk or find local guides to lead the way

(d) waterproof problem

In rainy or rainy areas, especially long-term crossings, if the waterproofing is not enough, the whole activity will encounter great troubles. Such as: no dry clothing can be changed, cameras, batteries, food and other items were wet damage. Therefore, before you travel, you need to understand the climate of the active area and make appropriate preparations.


1) The tent should use three seasons or four seasons accounts. Dedicated high mountain accounts can not be used, professional high mountain account windproof warmth is better, but waterproof is not long 2) use backpack cover or plastic cloth to cover the backpack, even if the backpack has a waterproof function should also be so 3) in the backpack to fill the goods Before, use a plastic bag or a sealed bag to wrap it first, so that it is waterproof and conducive to item classification. 4) Prepare waterproof jackets (waterproof, gore-tex materials are acceptable) under conditions, but the rain gear must be prepared. Waterproof hiking shoes ready to use conditions, anyway, can be used for a long time (waterproof, gore-tex material can be)

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