Part I: On-site evaluation of Hejianet

Target: Jia Li'an Anti-fouling Purity vs Jia Li'an Moisture-Resistant Purity vs Jia Li'an

Preparation for evaluation :

The editor purchased the three-pot paints of Dulux Jialian Anti-fouling and Purifying, Jialian Anti-moisture and Purifying, and Jialian Purifying and Purifying from the market as comparison and evaluation objects. In order to seek fair evaluation, the editor asked other colleagues to seal the three tanks with red tapes, and then mark A, B, and C on the red tapes, respectively.

Mark the evaluations A, B and C on the three painted boards respectively. Apply two layers of paint film and let dry for 20 hours.

1. Net taste power

Latex paint, commonly known as "paint" or "wall paint", is a water-soluble decorative material with a high environmental protection factor. Although the price of the Jialian series is economical, it is said that the net taste is good. Let's first open the can and smell the three paints for odor and whether they emit harmful substances.

Conclusion : The human body did not have allergic reactions to the three lacquers, indicating that they all meet the standard of clean taste. Dulux family Li'an pure taste series paint has environmental protection, water-based and other characteristics to ensure the safety and health of the whole family.

Announcement : A is Jia Li'an deodorant, B is Jia Li'an moisture-proof deodorant, and C is Jia Li'an anti-pollution deodorant.

2. Moisture resistance

Young people like to be different, and changing the room type has become a popular trend in decoration. For example, the kitchen and living room can be opened to become an open kitchen, and then the master bedroom and bathroom can be combined to create a romantic bathing space. But in this way, the moisture will inevitably invade the wall of the living room or master bedroom. Wall paint with normal performance will foam and become uneven due to moisture. In addition, affected by the humid climate, the owners in the south of the Yangtze River also struggled with the damp and moldy walls. This tests the water permeability and moisture resistance of a paint. In the following experiment, the humidifier is used as a simulated moisture release body to see the expressiveness of the three wall paints.

Conclusion : The A and C paint films have absorbed moisture, while the structure of the B paint film is conducive to the drainage of water, effectively releasing the moisture in the wall paint. Therefore, the B film is more durable and resistant to moisture, and it is not easy to blister and fall off.

Announcement : A is Jia Li'an deodorant, B is Jia Li'an moisture-proof deodorant, and C is Jia Li'an anti-pollution deodorant.

3. Anti-fouling

1. Anti-fouling ability


Child: I want to be a star! (Show your hands and feet in the room, excite the big footprints on the white walls ...)

Mom: What should I do?

Conclusion : C paint film can resist the invasion of dirt, and the stains are more difficult to leave. The stain resistance of A and B paint films is relatively weak.

Announcement : A is Jia Li'an deodorant, B is Jia Li'an moisture-proof deodorant, and C is Jia Li'an anti-pollution deodorant.

2. Pollution capacity


Boyfriend (drinking coffee while playing games): Almost won! (I am overwhelmed by the coffee placed against the wall.

Girlfriend: What should I do?

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Conclusion : B and C paint films come into contact with colored liquids and can be decontaminated as long as they are lightly wiped with cotton cloth. The A paint film is easier to hang up.

Announcement : A is Jia Li'an deodorant, B is Jia Li'an moisture-proof deodorant, and C is Jia Li'an anti-pollution deodorant.

4. Scrub resistance

Conclusion: Compared with A paint film, B and C paint films have stronger abrasion resistance, can withstand repeated scrubbing, and the paint film is firm and durable.

Announcement : A is Jia Li'an deodorant, B is Jia Li'an moisture-proof deodorant, and C is Jia Li'an anti-pollution deodorant.

Part 2: Summary of evaluation

Uncover the blue paper, A is Jia Li'an deodorant, B is Jia Li'an's moisture-proof deodorant, C is Jia Li'an's deodorant deodorant

Editor's summary:

Buying wall paint is like buying clothing-there is no best but only the most suitable. Each owner has different demands for products, and manufacturers also launch products aimed at various groups of people. Each of the above 3 Dulux household lacquers has its own advantages.

In terms of performance, Jiali's clean taste wall paint has no special strengths, but it is affordable and can basically solve common wall problems. The clean taste and environmental protection standards are also met. The overall cost performance is relatively high. It is recommended to economic decoration owners .

Jia Li'an's moisture-proof and clean-smelling wall paint has outstanding ventilation and moisture resistance. It is suitable for the decoration of the room type where the open kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom are connected. It is also recommended to owners in humid areas.

Jia Li'an anti-smudge wall paint can resist stains and is not easy to hang. It is suitable for families with children or for children's rooms.

proposed price:

Jia Li'an anti-pollution net taste 165 yuan / barrel

Jia Li'an moisture-proof net taste 155 yuan / barrel

Jia Li'an Jingwei 125 yuan / barrel

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