Want to make your eyes look big and bright, the key is to strengthen the contours of the eyes. The layered eye makeup requires at least two colors of eye shadow to create different light and shadow effects through strong contrast. The bright color eliminates the dull complexion of the eyes, and the deep tinge strengthens the three-dimensional contour of the eye.

Step1: Bottoming

After a large sponge dampened with a bright playing background eye shadow, brush lightly on the entire eyelid. After the base, the entire pearl is super shiny, very three-dimensional.

Step2: Brush the color along the eye socket

After taking a clear eye shadow with a small sponge brush, brush it along the eye sockets and make the color more fused.

Step3: From the end of the eye and the eye to the center

After taking the solid color with a rough brush, brush it from the end of the eye and the eye to the center, and follow the arc of the eye socket.

Step4: Slightly embellish the eyes

After picking up the brightening powder with a small sponge brush, it is laminated in a circle at the center of the upper eyelid. To make the white of the eyes look more clear, you can make a little embellishment at the eye.

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