Wrong skin care will not only destroy the skin, but also accelerate the aging of the skin if it is not corrected for a long time. Today, Xiaobian will correct the mistakes for you, and 4 major error maintenance methods will be given to you to solve your skin troubles in time.

4 wrong ways to keep you older and older

Anti-Boss Battle 4 wrong ways to make you more and more old

First, the eye cream circular massage - eye lines

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest part of the skin on the face. The clumsy circular massage is the most likely to cause the loss of elastic fibers, leaving the skin slack and small lines.

The correct way: use the fingertips to "play the piano" type and click

When using eye cream, the fingertip pats, finger pressure can effectively promote circulation, help lymph fluid discharge, and accelerate eye cream absorption. Since the eye is the thinnest part of the facial skin and there is no sweat gland, the eye cream must be used before the cream to prevent the possibility of oil particles. Extrusion of the rice-sized eye cream on the middle finger of the hands, then gently press the ring finger of the hands on the side of the bridge of the nose, and press the index finger on the middle of the cheekbone to set the middle finger so that the middle finger can be pressed evenly and evenly. On the skin of the eyes.

From the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, gently press the eye cream into the skin around the eye as if it were playing the piano. This method can not only help the eye cream to be better absorbed, but also effectively promote eye blood circulation and eliminate dark circles. Pay special attention to the extent and intensity of the taps must be small.

4 wrong ways to keep you older and older

Anti-Boss Battle 4 wrong ways to make you more and more old

Second, take a lotion with your hands - take a dull muscle

Many people like to put the toner on the palm of your hand and then wipe it on your face. In fact, this way of applying is not reasonable. If the hand is not clean enough, it will cause secondary pollution on the face, not only can the make-up make the original cool. The effect of skin and exfoliation is to add another layer of dirt from the palm of your face, causing pores to clog and keratin accumulation. The skin tone looks more and more uneven over a long period of time, even if you are young, it looks better than others. I am a few years old.

The correct way: the toner must be patted with a cotton pad

The best way is to use a cotton pad and moisturizing lotion to make a face, use a damp cotton pad to gently wipe the face and neck from the inside out, from the bottom to the top, or wipe the nose horizontally. This skin care method can also help take away the horniness that accumulates on the face, leaving the skin dry, clean and shiny.

4 wrong ways to keep you older and older

Anti-Boss Battle 4 wrong ways to make you more and more old

Third, use a cotton pad to remove makeup - pull the skin to become slack

Many girls like to use a cotton pad to remove makeup and wipe their face. I think this can make the makeup more clean. However, removing the makeup is completely different from the keratin on the face. If you gently wipe the makeup remover with a cotton pad, It is difficult to remove the makeup, which causes the force to pull the skin more and more, so that the skin's elastin is completely broken, the skin quickly becomes slack, and the wrinkles are more likely to occur.

The correct way: when removing makeup, press properly, make makeup easier to dissolve

Make-up remover is more focused on dissolving the makeup instead of smearing them. When using cleansing oil, be sure to keep your hands and face dry. Apply a proper amount of cleansing oil to the nose and apply it to both sides and forehead and chin. In the need to remove the makeup parts, use the fingertips to draw a circle to dissolve makeup and dirt. After about 1 minute, take a small amount of water with your hands, emulsifie the cleansing oil and whiten it, then gently massage with your fingers for about 30 seconds, then use a lot of water to remove the cleansing oil until after foaming. Rinse well.

When using cleansing milk, first remove the cleansing milk in the palm of your hand, activate it, then apply it from top to bottom, from the central axis of the nose to both sides, after applying it on the forehead, cheeks and chin, then gently press it with the palm of your hand. , remove makeup and oil from the pores.

4 wrong ways to keep you older and older

Anti-Boss Battle 4 wrong ways to make you more and more old

Fourth, no regular application of sunscreen - skin photoaging

The concept of sun protection has gradually been valued in the process, and it has also caused many women to stay in the sun for a long time because of applying sunscreen, and often when they go out, they apply sunscreen and think that they can rest assured all day. I can't use sunscreen properly, but I think I can apply sunscreen for any sun exposure. The result is more terrible than not applying sunscreen, but it is more horrible to avoid the sun. Skin wrinkles and spots immediately climb to the face!

The correct way: regularly apply sunscreen to avoid daylight

In fact, sunscreens need to be applied once every 2-3 hours. At the same time, the active ingredients of sunscreen must be protected after 10-20 minutes. Moreover, sunscreen products, like other skin care products, need to be used according to skin type. Oily skin should choose water-based sunscreen products with strong penetration; dry skin should choose creamy sunscreen products to achieve the best results. Moreover, the sunscreen products with more powerful effects are not able to withstand the violent ultraviolet rays, so even if you apply sunscreen, you should avoid ultraviolet rays as much as possible so that the skin will not be so easily aging.  

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