Camping or picnic in the wild, the product described below is a good helper, this is the Wisestar stainless steel grill, let us enjoy a delicious picnic, this grill is collapsible, and smaller, lighter weight, so in Wild camping is easy to carry on picnics. Taobao sells for 55 yuan.

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Wisestar Stainless Steel Fold Grill Grill Exterior

Wisestar Stainless Steel Folding Grill Barbecue Long Width Height

Wisestar Stainless Steel Fold Grill Grill Exterior

Grill vents

Charcoal basin

Built-in carbon frame

Grilled net

Fold up only 6cm thick

Summary: Through the product illustration, this barbecue grill has a simple structure, is easy to carry, and the price is not expensive, very good.

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