China's screen printing materials such as screen, photosensitive glue, and ink have made great progress, but compared with the screen printing materials produced by foreign advanced manufacturers, there are still certain gaps, such as: high strength, low elongation high mesh Net; high-sensitivity non-diazo type photosensitive adhesive; UV ink, water-based ink, etc.

Photosensitive glue
China's screen printing has made great progress in plate-making photoresist, diazo-type photoresist has been able to meet the needs. The long-used manual engraving plate-making method 1 describes the plate-making method, and the dichromate-type plate-making method is basically replaced by a higher-resolution diazo photosensitive (or diazonium salt) plate-making method. The water-resistant and solvent-resistant diazo photoresist produced in China is close to the advanced foreign level in terms of use effect, and can meet the requirements of general precision template production.
1. Dichromate Photoresist
Dichromate + OVA (early protein). The storage period is shortened due to dark reaction, and the use of heavy metals has been restricted due to the pollution problem.
2. Diazo Photosensitive Adhesive
â‘  Diazo resin + PVA + polymer emulsion. According to the mixing ratio of PVA and polymer emulsion, it has solvent resistance and water resistance. Due to the peak absorption near 375nm, it is more appropriate to use metal halogen lamps or ultra-high pressure mercury lamps. This type of photosensitive liquid has less odor and skin irritation, is easy to modulate, and is easy to remove and regenerate. It is cheaper.
â‘¡ Diazo resin + PVA + polymer emulsion + acrylate monomer. It is an acrylate monomer in which a photopolymerization initiator is added to the composition of diazo resin, PVA, and polymer emulsion, and is cured at the same time according to the cross-linking reaction of diazo resin and the polymerization reaction of acryloyl group. Due to the increased polymerization crosslinking of acrylates, water resistance and solvent resistance have been improved, resulting in improved high resolution and edge definition.
Wire mesh
At present, China's annual imports of silk screens have reached more than 1 million meters, and imported products are mainly polyester screens and nylon screens with more than 270 mesh. High-density wire mesh with high technical content, high-strength low-stretch wire mesh, anti-static wire mesh, calendering and other special-treated wire mesh and polyester high mesh wire mesh all need to be imported.
Domestic polyester mesh and nylon mesh have a good market, and polyester mesh has a small amount of export, but the domestic mesh is too few in type and specification, and high-quality, high-mesh, wide-width mesh needs to be developed.
A new type of non-woven wire mesh has been developed abroad. This kind of wire mesh overcomes the trouble of applying photosensitive tape at the junction of the traditional wire mesh warp and weft. Modern advanced ultra-fine graphics screen printing, fine-level screen printing, high-precision positioning screen printing, special ink quantitative screen printing and large-scale color tone screen printing, etc., all put forward higher requirements for the screen used: such as high strength , Low elongation rate, repeatability, consistency, long service life, etc .; such as printed electronic micro-components, integrated circuits, multilayer printed circuits, fluorescent digital displays, aerospace instrument flat panel displays and other high-tech products; such as online time Some screen printing requires anti-static, metallization, physical, chemical treatment or silk screen made of special materials.
Recently, the precision of printed circuit boards and electronic components is obvious, and the accuracy of dimensional position is very high. In addition to the polyester, polyamide, and stainless steel in the past, there are also meshes that use high-tension polyester as the yarn core and polyamide as the core sleeve. It is made of polypropylene fiber, with a mesh of 330 mesh, a wire diameter of 23μm, and an interweave of 36μm. It can obtain high tension and is truly an epoch-making silk screen. Moreover, in order to meet the requirements of precision, these screens have undergone various treatments such as plasma treatment, metal evaporation, and polishing.

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