[China] net wardrobe closet pastoral pure wind gently blowing our lives, American country style wardrobe simple and clean, both sleek and neoclassical features neoclassical equipped; Korean garden style wardrobe fashion Romantic, combining modern fashion elegance with pastoral sweetness and romance; while the minimalist style wardrobe is simple and practical, with simple and smooth lines to cater to the needs of modern small-sized homes. Below, Xiaobian will introduce you one by one.

Recommended one: American country garden four-door wardrobe

Price: ¥7699

Size: 2.08m × 0.6m × 2m

Features: rigorous structure, beautiful texture

Wardrobe shopping guide

The overall characteristics: the perfect display of the original color of the wood, the overall sense of spacious and bright, combined with personalized and good storage function, maximize the rational use of the room space, both easy to care, and suitable for daily use.

Idyllic wardrobe

Details: The bottom is thick, the plate is smooth and flat; the pattern at the corner, the carved lines are natural and smooth, and the fashion is romantic, in line with the modern people's pursuit of nature and return to life.

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