The source of vitality in the body - acid-base balance, do not insist on seeing the benefits of cosmetics .

In order to make the body function better, the human body can perform tasks well, and the pH in the body is required to be balanced. Under normal circumstances, our body can intelligently adjust the "environment" of the body, restore its own acid-base balance, and carry out normal metabolism. However, in our daily life, with the increasing input of acidic ingredients, such as a large number of meat, sausages, fast food, sweets, coffee, nicotine, alcohol, etc., coupled with lack of exercise, excessive psychological pressure, etc. The body and mind are highly stressed and often stronger than their own waste. As a result, these substances that cause acidity and toxic metabolism are blocked in the body, and salts that become very difficult to dissolve are present in our fat cells and connective tissues. For women, these acidic wastes are particularly preferred in the hip and thigh areas, so they are clearly visible in the form of cellulite.

â—†Extral acid body method

Don't worry, you can still regain the source of your vitality through a series of programs that COSMO has arranged for you to achieve this true balance of mind and body.

Eat more alkaline foods

First, let's do an in-person cleansing and wash the waste away from the fat cells. The most ideal countermeasure is to regularly schedule a waste removal day: drink 1.5 liters of freshly squeezed juice or vegetable syrup, and at least 2 liters of carbonated mineral water. In order to prevent acid hyperemia, alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables in your diet should account for 80%, while acidic foods such as meat, milk, refined flour food, coffee, sweets, etc. only account for 20%.

On weekdays, the foods we consume, such as meat, fish, eggs and cereals, are physiologically acidic, while fruits such as apples, citrus, pears and vegetables are physiologically alkaline foods. If acidic foods are a major part of your daily diet, this will definitely increase your lactic acid and uric acid levels in your body fluids and blood. If you can't get rid of them in time, it will invade your epidermal cells and make your skin lose its elasticity and delicateness. Eating more alkaline foods is a simple and effective method of acid- extracting body .

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