1. The special significance of sand table games for children

â‘  The characteristics of the weak language requirements of the sandbox game

Children can understand many words before learning to speak, and can recognize again before learning to recall. However, children's speech development level makes children often unable to express special needs and special ideas. Therefore, we can't usually understand the behavior of special children and the corresponding internal psychological state through words; we can't distinguish creative destructive behavior from random destructive behavior, and we can't distinguish the abnormal behavior and pathology of supernormal children. Abnormal behavior is distinguished. Sandboxes and sandbox games are like a window that can open people ’s hearts and enable people to re-experience the pre-language and non-verbal state; during the sandbox game, the player ’s unconsciousness will automatically be revealed in the sandbox, and sandbox analysts can According to the sandbox game scene to gain insight into the subconscious content of the player. In the early stages of contact with sandbox games, players may realize what they are doing and why they chose one or more of these molds; but as sandbox games gradually deepen, the dominant players are mainly unconscious, and the players themselves are not clear What you are doing and why you are doing it. In the course of the sandbox game, the content and tendencies in consciousness first emerged, and then unconscious content appeared. The confrontation of these contents promoted the integrity of the player. Therefore, in addition to the simple and clear questions that the sandbox analyst will ask the player in the first few times, the player does not need too many words in the entire sandbox game. Sand table analysts also don't need to explain to the players, just make some delayed explanations and communication after a few months or years.

â‘¡ The impact of sand table games on the formation of children's personality

Freud believes that the personality of adults is almost completely formed when children are five or six years old. Although this view has been opposed by many theorists, the new Freudists still recognize the important influence of childhood experience on the formation of personality. Eric Eriksson believes that personality develops continuously during an individual's life, and this process can be divided into 8 stages. Certain crises will appear at each stage in the life course. The way to resolve these crises determines the direction of personality development and affects the way to resolve crises in the future [9]. In childhood, three crises of basic trust—distrust, autonomy—shame and doubt, and initiative—guilt will gradually emerge.

Childhood experiences have an important impact on personality development, and these experiences are mainly related to the relationship between early infants and mothers' attachment and the extent to which early exploratory behaviors in children are blocked. In the process of sand table games, analysts basically do not interfere with the activities of players. Therefore, children can express themselves very freely, vent bad emotions, and deepen the trauma of the early personality structure. The essence of the sandbox game is to awaken the individual's subconscious and somatic sensations, and collide with some of the most original psychological content.

In addition, games are the nature of children, and they are also the main form of activities for children and the bridge to explore the world. Therefore, sand table games are easily accepted by children. Without too much guidance, children can quickly enter the game process. Children ’s The level of investment and cooperation cannot be achieved by any other form of treatment.

2. The application background of sand table games in early childhood education

For many years, people in kindergarten thought that the children in the kindergarten were relaxed and lively, and that stress or psychological abnormalities had nothing to do with them. However, in the process of communicating with front-line workers in many kindergartens and some parents reflecting that children refused to enter the school, we realized such a problem: although children have no direct external pressure, the negative factors in the family environment and kindergarten The various norms in may indirectly put pressure on children. In order to understand the current stress situation of kindergarten children, we conducted a series of experimental studies in several kindergartens in Guangzhou. The "Children's Life Experience Scale" was used to test 90 children in the first, kindergarten, and junior classes in the first kindergarten in Guangzhou: 9 out of 90 children had more stress, accounting for 10%. There are generally 53 people, accounting for 58.9%, while only 28 people have little or no stress, accounting for 31.3% [10]. Further research found that: â‘ Children's psychological pressure is related to behavioral problems, especially violations of discipline; â‘¡Children with poor stress tolerance have withdrawal, cowardice, depression, excessive dependence, difficulty in cooperating with others, and lack of safety Feelings, willfulness, grumpyness, stubbornness, loneliness, alienation, inferiority and other bad personality traits.

In kindergarten and class observations, we generally find such a kind of children: they are alert and cute, but they cannot follow the simple rules of the game and classroom requirements like other children; or they are obsessed with fantasy all day long, unwilling Communicate with teachers or other children; or habitually exhibit mild aggressive behavior. These are the clues of unhealthy psychological characteristics, or the unusual manifestations of extraordinary children, which are difficult to characterize. Conventional educational strategies are difficult to solve these problems.

3. Brief introduction of operation process and periodic effect

First, kindergarten teachers and nurses recommend "special" children. With the consent and cooperation of parents, the Rutter Child Behavior Questionnaire is used to conduct pre-testing, and five children with behavior A or N greater than 9 are selected. Every Tuesday afternoon, these children are brought into the sandbox play room, and in accordance with the above principles, let the children operate freely on the sandbox. After the children are placed, the final sand scene is recorded with a digital camera for easy final analysis. In this process, we saw and recorded many sobering clips: a child always placed dinosaur molds repeatedly in every sandbox game operation. According to the teacher, the parent will never let the children play at home Dinosaur toy; an introverted, silent child poses a fabulous picture of a mountain village ... After ten weeks, we used the Rutter questionnaire for post-testing and interviewed the teacher and the parents of the child, except for a child who dropped out halfway. In addition, the test scores of the remaining four children generally decreased, and the results of the interview confirmed the effectiveness of the work.

Due to the limitations of the case study method itself, we have not been able to isolate the specific factors that led to the change in children ’s enthusiasm, but the sandbox game itself has undoubtedly played a very important role in this transformation process.

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