1. Select the appropriate material equipment consumables. In actual production, the appropriate printing film and printing ink should be selected according to the specific conditions of the filling speed, sterilization conditions, product shelf life, etc. of the automatic filling machine. To ensure the printing quality of the film. Polyamide surface printing inks are generally not suitable for liquid-packed inks due to their water resistance and grease resistance. Polyurethane inks also have different types, and they must be targeted. New Oriental Chaolifu 313A inks are generally only used for soft Quality co-extruded PE film, and type 314 is suitable for all kinds of co-extruded PE film. The co-extruded PE film used by color printing manufacturers is generally produced by the manufacturer, and the technical level is different. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the selection of masterbatch. After EDM treatment, the surface energy should reach a minimum of 40 dynes, preferably 42 dynes.

2. Customer's post-processing conditions or test standards. Only when the color printing manufacturers fully understand the conditions of the food manufacturers during filling and the subsequent processing technology, and even the detailed requirements of the liquid package in the market, can they be targeted and have the equipment supplies in mind. The main points of attention include: filling speed, sterilization conditions, shelf life, storage requirements, etc.

3. The requirements of the printing process. In order to ensure the printing quality of liquid packaging films, we must also pay attention to the control of process conditions such as printing tension, printing pressure, printing speed and drying temperature during the printing process, formulate a set of stable and reliable process standards, standardize the process flow, and ensure large-scale production Smoothly. In addition, the comprehensive quality of the printing workers, the technical information provided by the ink manufacturers, the quality of the thin materials, the changes in the workshop environment, etc. are also factors that cannot be ignored.

4. Control the printing technology of the printing environment. Changes in temperature and humidity in the printing workshop have a certain impact on the substrate material and the performance of the ink. Too dry environment will cause film static electricity, causing printing difficulties; too wet environment will make the ink dry insufficiently, affecting the firmness of the ink layer. Therefore, we should strictly control the ambient temperature and relative humidity in the printing workshop, try to keep it relatively constant, and ensure good ventilation to reduce the incidence of printing failures. Printing technology. Generally speaking, the temperature in the workshop should be controlled between 18 ℃ and 25 ℃, and the relative humidity should be kept between 60% and 70%.

5. Do a good job in the inspection of finished products. Customer satisfaction is the supreme criterion and ultimate wish of every printing company, so it is necessary to ensure that qualified finished products are sent to customers. This not only allows customers to achieve satisfaction, but also maintains the company's image and reputation, which is also the basis for maintaining and developing good customer relations.

In the production process of liquid packs, the film is changed more frequently, which is easy to cause the performance of the membrane to be different. The amount of ink used in the liquid pack is not much. Printing with old ink for a long time may also reduce the performance of the ink. Therefore, the production of liquid packs can be Variable factors are more in central China. Color printing enterprises can formulate a set of appropriate finished product testing standards by simulating the customer's use conditions to ensure that unqualified products are not shipped from the factory and avoid unnecessary losses.

Professional brush is provided pay attention to division of labor, so of thrush have eyebrow brush, the likelihood that draws eye shadow has eye shadow, eyeliner, eye fold brush, still have lip to brush, honey stuckness to wait, before big medium 3 brush walk The Times of the world has passed.But with so many tools, is it possible to completely replace traditional makeup tools?Pink plain, cosmetic cotton is not abandoned at this point?The answer is no.To make-up of the most important step "hit powdery bottom" as an example, the powder puff is still the best equipment and open foundation, but in the end after the sweet pink, with a big sweet stucco dropped the excess paint on his face, the whole makeup look more natural, so brush before and everyone used to other tools, should be complementary to each other's good helper, rather than as something new to replace the old habit.As time goes by, the changes of The Times, a lot of the function of the brush has a new interpretation, take a foundation as an example, the previous traditional foundation brush is a flat shape, powder of the contact with the skin more considerate, use mode of side, namely brush to brush the side contact face, now, along with the advance of make-up techniques, make-up products constantly updated, brush style and function upgrade, now foundation, main adopted is also one of the most popular is the flat brush, can play farinaceous pink bottom, also can beat cream foundation, technique is no longer use the brush to brush the side, but use the technique of brush head horizontal pushing, the part of using a flat brush head,MAO feng soft and delicate, foundation natural symmetry, now the most popular is this.Of course, the business has been bringing forth the new, new flat end bevel brush, also in production, will be more to the force.

There are many kinds of Makeup Brushes.For daily makeup, mix it up according to your makeup habits.But there are six essential base brushes: honey brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, brow brush and lip brush.Honey stuccoes: the powder makeup that sweep gives has silk simple sense, makeup face is cleaner lasting.Concealer brush: the fine brush head can be applied to hard-to-reach parts, and the concealer effect is more uniform and natural.Blush is brushed: brush the cheek that gives natural radian is red, dizzy catch shadow, perfect highlight facial outline.Eyeshadow brushes: there are so many.Different sizes of eye brushes need to be prepared for different eye contouring methods.Eyebrow brush: with eyebrow powder, can draw a quite natural eyebrow.Easier to control strength and shade than eyebrow pencil.Lip brush: precisely outline lips, make lips full and even color, more lasting.Powdery bottom is brushed: use daub powdery bottom fluid, the requirement to brush and powdery bottom fluid is higher.Facial contour brush: the characteristics of the brush head is 45°, size and blush brush similar, thicker bristles.

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