Many backpack-loving friends are struggling with choosing a backpack that suits them, because the choices, styles, sizes, and prices available on the market are too many, too many choices, and backpacks are purchased. How can we maintain it?

1, before the outdoor backpack cleaning, we first need to do is to look at the backpack's instructions, look at the instructions above which are the taboo items on the washing.

2. When we wash, we must first place a pot of clear water for more than half an hour, because now the tap water has added chlorine powder and other substances that are easily corroded by outdoor bags or mountaineering bags. If we don’t pay attention to it for a long time, Substances easily oxidize the surface of the backpack of our backpack and affect the overall aesthetics of the backpack.

3. If the surface of the backpack is not very dirty, we can use a cloth or brush to clean the surface. However, one thing to note is that we can not use too much force when cleaning, so it is easy to clean the site. Color differences occur with the rest of the shoulder bag surface.

4, there is one thing that needs to be emphasized is that the zipper and other small components above the backpack must be cleaned on time. If we actually use a metal material, we can wipe it with a wet towel, and then we must dry it with a dry towel. Or use a hair dryer, etc. to air dry. If the plastic parts are rinsed directly with water, it will be fine.

5, in order to speed up the speed of drying backpack, some people will directly use the hair dryer to wipe dry after the forced drying place, but some fabrics can not be directly dried or exposed to direct sunlight, if you let it for a long time as the sun exposure environment Under the circumstances, it is very likely that the fabric of the bag body will age and the appearance will fade. The best way is to put the backpack in a dry and ventilated place to let it dry naturally.

6, in our outdoor life will certainly have such an experience, after using a backpack for a period of time, the webbing of its shoulder strap is likely to fluff, most of the people's approach must be directly fluffing The place is broken by hand, but not only will this not be a fundamental solution to the problem, but in the long run it will also damage the shoulder strap of the shoulder bag. The correct approach should be to reorganize the raised area or use a needle thread to repair it. So as not to take too long, the straps are loose.

7, if the package body is too dirty, we can use clean water for a period of time after the washing, if necessary, can add the right amount of professional mountaineering detergent, if you send the bag to the dry cleaners, we would be better The washing instructions for the hiking bag are brought along and a dry cleaning procedure is provided to the clerk of the dry cleaners.

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