3. The advantages of barcode
1. Strong reliability. The accuracy of reading barcodes far exceeds that of manual records, and an error occurs every 15,000 characters on average.
2. High efficiency. The barcode reading speed is very fast, equivalent to 40 characters per second.
3. Low cost. Compared with other automatic identification technologies, bar code technology only requires a small sticker and a relatively simple optical scanner, and the cost is quite low.
4. Easy to make. The preparation of bar codes is very simple, and the production only requires printing, which is called "printable computer language".
5. Easy to operate. The structure of the barcode recognition device is simple and easy to use.
6. Flexible and practical. The bar code symbol can be input manually by keyboard, or it can form an identification system with related equipment to realize automatic identification, and can also be linked with other control equipment to realize automatic management of the entire system.

Home is the most relaxed place for everyone, while bedroom is the most relaxed room at every home. Nowadays, bedroom is not only the place you could have a nice sleep, but also the place showing your taste and way to life.


One full set of bedrooroom usually consists of beds (king beds/queen beds/single beds), Night Stands, dressers, mirrors, wardrobes (Sliding Wardrobes/Hinged-door Wardrobes), Drawer Chest.


Among the bedroom products, the bed headboard design is the core. Thus in order to offer our clients more choices, our R&D team try all means to have more designs, materials and colors to the headboard. As we know, bedroom size is different from each other, we offer different sizes of dressers, mirrors and wardrobes to well fit the rooms.


For other wooden furniture, we offer as many as 15 wooden colors and different sizes so that clients can fit their room well. Also, we offer size customizing service if the quantity meeting our MOQ. Clients` safety and health is always our priority, thus, we only use E0 standard raw materials. Besides the top quality raw materials, we also use top-quality hardware for more durability and stability, such as Blum, Hettich, Hafele, DTC.

Sliding Wardrobes

6 Door Wardrobe,Sliding Wardrobes,4 Door Wardrobe,3 Door Wardrobe

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