No matter what kind of children's furniture, the label of "children" is affixed, and the price is doubled immediately. Even if the materials and materials are not so "useful", the merchants can use the parents to buy them. "Reassuring" psychological sales hype, resulting in the last parents had to "eat" for the child to earn hard-earned money.

In recent years, children’s commodity prices have been so high that they have already made many families miserable. However, for the sake of the health of children, it is a common phenomenon for parents to be forced to spend money for peace of mind. During the "Eleventh" period, the reporter saw such a young couple in the children's furniture store. The anxiety they showed during the purchase process may reveal the problems faced by most families.

In a furniture market in Beijing, there are many children's furniture brands, and the exhibition halls are arranged in colorful and colorful. The salesperson's mouth is “safe and environmentally friendly” and “quality home”, and various sales are varied. But when the reporter asked for an inquiry, he could not help but be "stunned". Originally used for children's furniture, wood is not high-end, but the price is more than 10,000 yuan, more expensive than similar adult solid wood furniture.

The reporter found a young couple in the store and was repeatedly asking the sales staff for the environmental protection of the furniture. The sales staff did not provide any test report, but still plausible: "You can rest assured that our furniture is passed the national testing standards, and there is no harm to the health of children. Although it is expensive, you can buy thousands of dollars to buy poor materials. Don't say, the taste is so big, you certainly can't use it for your child."

The couple looked like they were in their 30s, they were simple and even old-fashioned, and they started to figure out in one corner. "Your card is enough?" asked the wife. The husband on the side screamed: "I have to look up." The sales lady next to me raised the tone: "You have to buy something for your child, you can't just save it." Selling such an "educational" tone, let the couple It is even more difficult.

After some discussion, the young couple finally talked about it, and the salesperson smiled and opened the list and mourned: "You can rest assured that tens of thousands of dollars of money are absolutely worth the money." In this empty space, the husband clicked on it. With cigarettes, the eyebrows are still locked; the wife gets up and opens the door of the furniture sample, smells, knocks on the door, and repeatedly checks. It seems that they have spent money, they still have doubts...

In the face of the anxiety of the couple, the reporter also shared the same feeling. On the one hand, in recent years, various food safety incidents have occurred frequently. When parents buy goods for their children, they hope that “buy expensive” will “buy peace of mind”. But at the same time, there is no reference standard, no authoritative guidance, whether it is as "completely environmentally safe" as the merchants say, consumers can not judge and obtain protection, parents' anxiety can not be eliminated. In addition, current products are generally expensive if they are labeled "Children." Merchants are also using the mentality of parents to "do anything for the children", to promote speculation, skyrocketing prices, tens of thousands of dollars, for an ordinary family, overwhelmed.

In today's Chinese people, the concept of raising children for family inheritance is still deeply rooted. Therefore, a family's full commitment to children is universally acknowledged. In fact, raising children is also part of promoting the orderly development of society, and it should also receive corresponding protection from the society.

In the National Day, "country" and "home" are inseparable. The anxiety of a small family is also the expectation of providing a better social security for a country. The healthy growth of a child can promote the health of a family and is the foundation of a country's healthy health.

Original title: Children's furniture prices are too high, too many families are suffering

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