[China] net wardrobe to buy a small apartment a lot of decoration owners in the purchase of the closet, because of the small bedroom area, can only buy small closet, but in a small closet storage space is relatively small, themselves and their families can not clothes What to do when you are tidy, what should you do? Combination wardrobe is not a good choice, here are four combinations of wardrobes, come find the perfect wardrobe for you!

Combination wardrobe form 1: desk cabinet wardrobe combination

Combination wardrobe

Desk cabinet wardrobe combination

The bed combination is mainly desk, flexible design and combination, combined with cabinets of different levels, not only can give the greatest satisfaction in the demand, but also bring freshness in the shape, the wardrobe combined with the form of the bookcase, the functional area Incorporating with the storage area saves more time to sort and divide. Danish furniture has won warm hearts in warm colors, making people feel warm and stylish. The overall space is wide and comfortable, and the warm colors create a sense of style and vitality in the bedroom.

Combination wardrobe form two: dressing table wardrobe combination

Combination wardrobe purchase

Dressing table wardrobe combination

The design of the decorative hanging cabinet and the covered wardrobe makes the whole bedroom space full of the warmth of the pastoral, the design of the louver makes the cabinet not too monotonous, and the hidden door of the hanging cabinet can put some more expensive or fragile items.

Combination wardrobe form three: embedded TV cabinet wardrobe combination

Wardrobe form

Built-in TV cabinet wardrobe combination

The new teak grain border of the rough mine is matched with the black leather wardrobe to create a low-key luxury. The combination of the dressing table, the bedside table and the TV cabinet is completely in line with our activity line. The space is visually distinguished and the hand feel is delicate. The perfect combination of pure black plate and new teak makes the whole space a harmonious and deep beauty.

Combination wardrobe form four: overall functional combination wardrobe

Combination wardrobe

Overall functional combination wardrobe

The whole bedroom is dominated by the mature and stable Caromo style. The design focus is on the creation of the functional area: in the design of the bed combination cabinet, the bedroom can be used as a study room; the desk cabinet is combined with the hanging cabinet to make an L-shaped The corner study room, while meeting the needs of reading and office, is the best choice for small-sized households.

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