Dior 10o Neck Cream 50ml

Reference price: 440 yuan

Overall rating: 8.5 points

Product Description: DIOR - Dior 10 Degree Firming Neck Conformation is specially designed for Asian women . The replenishing ingredients with modified function can be used for unsatisfactory line repair, using new locking slimming active ingredients for different face shapes. Solve the problem of sagging skin aging on the chin, cheeks, neck, lips and other parts, and comprehensively alleviate the traces of the neck and the age.

User Comments: Because I saw the advertisement sold very hot before, I also said that I can solve the problem of the seven years, my heart has already wanted to buy the impulse, plus a few colleagues used to say good. After a few days, the effect is amazing! ! The skin becomes hydrated, transparent, and whitened! Use effect: It is easy to push open on the skin, consistent with this fragrant powder taste, but this product belongs to the type of light fragrance, I like it very much, and the material is very easy to absorb, the skin feels soft.

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