This article is provided for a cool special contributor, Hua Man Lou. Responsible editor: Han Tat, a hearing-impaired boy who is riding a bicycle and riding a bicycle, travels for seven days and six nights, embodying Taiwan’s cultural landscape for people. He said: Some things will not be done now, and this will not be done in this life. The first time I touched Taiwan on Taiwan, precisely because of this sentence. Maybe it is because of this movie, because the boy in this movie made me have an impulse to go to Taiwan around the island, let me go out of nowhere.

On the continental shelf located on the southeastern coast of mainland China, there is such an island. It faces the Pacific Ocean in the east, Ryukyu Islands in the northeast, the Bashi Straits in the South and the Philippine Islands in the south, and the Taiwan Straits and Fujian Province in the west across the Taiwan Strait. It is composed of 21 attached islands, including Green Island, Diaoyu Islands, and 64 islands in the Penghu Islands. It is the largest island in China, Taiwan.

There is always an important partner in our lives. It looks like an old harmonica, a few colored glass beads, a tarnished ring, a pen that can only be written, or a bicycle. People who come and go around, coming and going, always accompanied themselves, only themselves. The harmonica can blow out the tone of childhood, and the bicycle can carry a trip around the island.

The tourist season in Taiwan is from March to May and September to November each year. Summers are often affected by typhoons. Since Taiwan is not open to all cities in China, there are not many tourists visiting Taiwan every year. For cycling enthusiasts, the ring platform is one of the most sought after routes except the Sichuan-Tibet line and the Tibet-Tibet line. Every year, there are thousands of cycling fans ringing around.

Taiwan not only has good scenery and lots of snacks, but it is also a place full of local customs and people. With the degree of paperwork, Taiwan has left the mainland far behind. The excellent riding environment and lack of language barriers are a must for everyone who loves to ride.

When you go to Taiwan, you must stay in Kenting for one more day. There are beach shells, the sea, cliff collapse, sand waterfalls, group skirts, stalactite caves, rare tropical rain forest plants, a wide variety of insect butterflies, migratory birds settled for up to six months. Along the south of the border, heading east, it is the Longji grassland. This is the best place to watch the sunrise, sunset, and the Pacific Ocean. The grassland plants are all over the place and you can look forward to the vast green landscape. There is a small road leading to Sheding Park. The entire Sheding Park has more than 290 plant species and over 50 species of butterflies. The parking lot in front of the park is a vast three-step prairie full of blue-violet blossoms and long-spicy wood. After entering the park on the trail, it first reaches the tropical bushes, birds and butterflies dance, and the rich ecological landscape is breathtaking.

Equipment requirements: Incoming permits and admission permits: First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the location of the account belongs to a city that is free to travel in Taiwan. After confirmation, first take the account book and ID card to the Immigration and Exit Administration Administration for mainland residents to visit Taiwan pass and endorsements. The endorsement period is valid for six months, only one round trip, for a total of 50 yuan. Next, you will also need to register for a permit. You can find a visa for a travel agency to get a visa from the Taiwan Immigration Department. Many of the documents you have prepared are very cumbersome. You don't need the originals. You can scan all the documents to their mailboxes and wait for approval. After about 20 working days, they will receive an electronic visa issued by the Taiwan Immigration Department and an insurance provided by a Taiwanese company. Bank Card: It is recommended to apply for Hua Xia Bank's bank card (debit card can be), because Hua Xia Bank debit card, cross-bank, off-site, overseas ATM withdrawals, the first day free of charge. In other words, if you use Hua Xia Bank’s debit card and you want to raise cash, you can easily find an ATM. The first withdrawal is free every day (regardless of whether you’re traveling or not, wherever you are), and you’re going to Taiwan to ride. It is very convenient for people who travel around the island. Bicycles: After being packed by the departure city, they can be checked by plane or ship to the local airport or port of Taiwan. (Detailed shipping methods can call the airline to choose to travel). It is also possible to rent bicycles on Taiwan's local bicycles (relatively not worthwhile). Many people would like to say that since they want to go round the island, should they at least buy a bicycle with RMB 2,000 or 3,000? In fact, it is not unimportant to use a good car around the island. The most important thing is a passionate and persistent perseverance! Helmets and headlights: Try to use bicycle helmets that use one-piece molding technology. In order to prevent a night ride, it is best to take the front and back lights when starting. It is not too expensive. The RMB 80 is generally good for use. Of course, it can be better. Tools: easy repair tools, tire repair tools will bring. Relatively speaking, bicycle shops in Taiwan are still relatively large. Simple bicycle problems can be repaired with tools. If more complicated problems are encountered, it is recommended to go to local car shops for repairs. In addition, most of the 7-Eleven convenience stores in Taiwan will have an air pump, and there are many 7-Eleven convenience stores in Taiwan that can replenish air at any time.

Backpacks and Bags: It is recommended that a 35L riding backpack with a backpack and a simple shoulder bag be enough. Because it is a roundabout, the road is longer, so backpacks and bags should not be too heavy. Try not to bring along some of the less useful items. Apparel: In general, Taiwan is warm throughout the year. In the four seasons, changes in Spring and winter are greater, and changes in summer and autumn are smaller. From March to May of each year, it is affected by the frontal lingering lingering influences. It has drizzle. In the summer of Taiwan, typhoons occasionally pass. In the autumn in Taiwan, you can indulge in the sunny and cool days. The short but warm winter in Taiwan is the season for the appreciation of maple. The occasional cold snap is the favorite of the family. So come to Taiwan around the island, suitable for fast-dry clothes, quick-drying pants. Sooner or later, you can add a fleece trousers. Washing clothes in Taiwan is very convenient. Basically, every youth hostel or street has a self-service washing machine that can be used with coins. Shoes: You can wear cycling shoes or ordinary travel shoes. No special requirements. Sun products: sun hats, magic turbans, sunscreen. Socks: Quick-drying socks (COOL MAX fabric), sports socks can be other: the first arrival in Taiwan, it is recommended to apply for Far Eastern Telecom's phone card (airport to apply) package, easy to use, ordinary small card mobile phone can be installed. You can access the internet anytime and anywhere (Taiwan has a fast internet speed). Personal toiletries can be purchased directly from Taiwan. There are many 711 convenience stores in Taiwan. You can see one in the city within a few hundred meters.

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