Brief introduction of overhead suspended ceiling enterprise:

Zhejiang Dingshang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., a Sino-foreign joint venture, was established in 2000. It is a large-scale modern high-quality enterprise specializing in the production of small household appliances such as integrated ceilings, indoor heaters, and air-conditioning. The company is located in the center of the Hangjiahu Plain, at the exit of Jiaxing on the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway-Dingshang Industrial Park, and the transportation is very convenient. The company covers an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters, has 437 employees, and has more than 30 Haitian injection molding machines and more than 60 various types of punching machines. The company has a complete management system, with product development, technology development, quality management, team sales, and export trade as its main productive forces. The company has advanced production testing equipment, high-quality staff, to ensure the top quality of the top products. The company has passed IS09001: 2000 quality system certification, and all heaters have passed 3C certification.

In recent years, the company has actively absorbed excellent talents, planned the advantages of the enterprise, carried out the combination of resources, and worked hard in the research and development of new products, perfect quality control, and the standardization and improvement of the terminal image. In the integrated ceiling industry, The company has successively launched Tianjue, Tianfeng, Tianxing, Tianjian, Tianjiao series products with multiple national patents, especially the 360 ​​Langton.Hong series products newly launched in January 2010, with large space and large size. The design concept has won unanimous praise from distributors and consumers across the country! In addition, Dingshang's 18 offices across the country are responsible for managing market development, product sales, and after-sales service in various regions. As of December 2009, there are more than 500 special stores with integrated top systems, and over 1,000 sales outlets for Yuba and ventilation fans. A sales service platform covering the whole country has been initially established.

Evaluation impression:

The ceiling on the ceiling gives people a very high-end feel and a strong artistic atmosphere, which can be customized according to customer requirements. This is undoubtedly the leading product of the modern decoration industry. Below we will savor this unique charm.

Evaluation details:

Neat storefront

The quintessential gilt technique of the Tang Dynasty

This product is unique, elegant and attractive outside light, wearable, smooth and delicate.

Detail close-up

Dunhuang Titian Series

Dunhuang Titian Series

Tianjiao Series

Trademark details

Tianjiao Square Lighting-Three Lamps Warm

Tianjiao Lighting Platinum

Tianjiaofang Lighting Black Diamond

Evaluation summary

Through the evaluation of the editor, it is found that although the production process of the ceiling suspended product is different, it has excellent performance in various aspects such as appearance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fire protection, etc., and its complete function of supporting, artistic texture, excellent The craftsmanship highlights its high-end positioning.

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