If you still think that "technology" and "fashion" are two PARTS that cannot be integrated, then the real OUT is you. Apple watch tells people that technology + fashion = high-end fashion circle; Asia Outdoor Show tells you: outdoor because of technology, more fashionable!

Technology new outdoor - more intangible

ODLO Black Comb Evolution Series New Generation

Camouflage pattern design - inspired by military uniforms, the pattern is completely woven; a new generation of seamless weaving process to further reduce the discomfort caused by stitching and skin friction; better ergonomic regional structure to further enhance comfort And sports protection; comfortable warmth, quick-drying perspiration; new masks to provide excellent facial protection for specific sports.

Technology new outdoor - warmer

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Mugao lock hot liner jacket

Mu Gaodi's own patented technology - smart lock heat: put six down packs on the back of the Xinshili cotton cotton liner to form a lock hot zone. The hot area of ​​the lock covers the waist back that is easily exposed to the cold, thus forming a hot lock area, which locks the temperature like a lock. Due to the special discharge of the structure of the lock heat system, it plays a role in the cold environment movement. The role of thermal cycling.

Technology new outdoor - more intimate

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Brand: HALTI Henka 2in1 Jacket

Designed for high-end female skiers: Use DrymaxX stretch fabric with four-way stretch. The outer jacket is padded with the Primaloft Gold collection and comes with a detachable inner vest that is filled with the Primaloft Black series for skiing at different temperatures. The top snowsuit design process: detachable hood and windproof skirt, as well as waterproof zipper and built-in elastic cuffs, equipped with humanized details such as mirror cloth and snow card.

Technology new outdoor - higher energy

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VIBRAM MEGAGRIP high performance rubber formula, all terrain all weather formula. Unmatched dry and wet surface anti-slip properties; excellent friction performance at the same time wear-resistant and durable; to achieve the best balance of stability and ground adaptability. Used in: hiking, trail running, approaching mountaineering, mountain bikes.

Technology new outdoor - more casual

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The world's first 360° waterproof and breathable travel shoes, outsole window design, visual functional innovation, highly breathable, durable waterproof, comfortable and hot, hot and humid environment, puncture protection layer.

Technology new outdoor - more everyday

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Zamberlan 108 Hike GTX Men's hacker walking shoes

Comfortable and lightweight shoes with an outdoor spirit and style for everyday use. Hydrobloc flipped the fur upper. Mesh-finished collar, better to sweat, GORE-TEX film waterproof and breathable, Vibram outsole.

More new products are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Cute Anti Virus Paper Soap

This is a cute design of paper soap. Thin as paper,light weight,packed in a small case,easy carrying.

One wash only use one piece,no polution to others.


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