Scribbled for makeup, what kind of amazing skin energy does the flowers and plants that grow in nature contain? Skincare experts are actively tapping their beauty potential. Let's interpret their skin care secrets , let natural materials please your face, breathe to see miracles, feel the magical power from herbs, and capture the world of green plants. Essence. One grass elf is born, with fresh grass and fresh dewdrops.

[Herbs Collection] Taiji series consists of Qingji Yangyan Taiji Mud and Taiji Riyue Yunmei Essence. It presents a harmonious balance of yin and yang. Qing muscle beauty Taiji mud black and white, first clear and then make up, the essence of Yin and Yang, interaction and mutuality. Black mud adopts "Taiji-Qingshen Fang", and Fangzhong Zunqiu medicine is the king, which highlights its leading gold foil, fragrant bamboo charcoal and other strong enhancement of skin pressure and cleansing ability. At the same time, it is combined with white peony and sweet gum to make the skin transparent. The realm of the net yuan empty. White mud adopts "Taiji-Runyufang", Fangzhongfeng white peony is the emperor, and it plays the key role of nourishing and moisturizing, white peony, white peony and white skin; jade, white peony, whirl flower Promotes skin metabolism, leaving skin pure and radiant. Qingji Yangyan Taiji Mud ¥380 Yuan Taiji Sun and Moon Beauty Beauty ¥680

Experts Interpret Skin Care Secrets - Herbal Essence

[Herbs Collection] Muscle Activating New Peach Blossom Series Peach Blossoms are full of blood and muscles. Peach blossom, color powder, gorgeous, sweet, spicy, sexually lukewarm, can reduce water swelling, "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" records, peach blossom has "good color". The Peach Blossom series inherits the "Peach Blossom Soybean Square". Muscle Revitalizing Cleansing Foam 150ml ¥130元肌活新颜 Revitalizing Lotion 150ml ¥180元肌活新颜焕乳150ml ¥230元肌活新颜焕霜50g ¥220元肌活新颜焕肤Eye cream 15g ¥260

[Herbs Collection] Sunscreen series Xianju is covered with heat, and the cold town is hot. Herborist collected inspiration from the autobiographical world grass, and formulated the "Xianju muscle snow side" to extract the essence of Chinese herbal medicine such as celestial grass, chrysanthemum, and centella, cool and prevent heat, and ice to raise snow muscle. Sunscreen lotion 50ml ¥180 yuan after sun repair ice muscle Xuefu 200ml ¥120 yuan after sun repair essence gel 50ml ¥230 yuan after sun repair essence 150ml ¥150 yuan after sun repair body gel 100g ¥140 yuan

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Rubber Broom,Rubber Dustpan,Rubber Squeegee Broom,Short Handle Dustpan

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