The series of packaging of mushroom fragrant farm products produced by Yantai Yifeng Food Co., Ltd. is not only exquisite, but also free from the simple style of traditional small dishes, using a special aluminum-plastic composite bag. The bag-shaped cocoon looks like a small sauce pot and conveys products. Fresh and delicious information. The flat design of the composite bag is also very exquisite: the blue pattern is lined with a white bag and has a rustic appeal. The bright colors light up the part of the name and make it stand out on plain bags. Open the "Mushroom Farm Vegetable", you can see inside the composite bag is a four-side sealed plastic bags, even more product quality.

The other two kinds of chicken are used in four-side plastic bags and carton packaging. The packaging is flat and beautifully printed, with delicious food designs or cartoon images. The compact cartons contain individual products packed in small cartons, and consumers can pick them up like chewing gum. Surveys have shown that this type of packaging has excellent shelf display and display effects.

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