Fitness equipment ushered in the age of technology:2014-11-18 10:26
Professor Wang Anli, director of the Department of Sports and Rehabilitation at Beijing University of Physical Education, pointed out in particular that the development trend of China's health industry is inseparable from the support of science and technology, and the era of technology-based health management is coming. The IHP Interactive Health Consultant is a mature and perfect health management system. It will promote the development of China's national fitness program.

The Exercise is Medicine advocated by the American Academy of Sports Medicine (ACSM) aims to promote people to prevent diseases through exercise. IHP Interactive Health Adviser is ACSM's exclusive technology partner that advocates sports as a good medicine. It is a revolutionary innovative health management cloud software that integrates health and disease prevention into the cloud system. Through a detailed analysis of personal health status, IHP confirms that Need to pay attention to health problems, according to your needs I HP will set an effective exercise program and the correct way to exercise, to lead you to achieve healthy living conditions. From physical fitness assessment to the establishment of exercise prescriptions, IHP is a pioneer in the fitness industry, and provides you with an easy-to-use chart and personalized report to provide you with a summary of your exercise prescription and fitness health conditions.

IHP Interactive Health Advisor has successfully applied in different demand units in the United States: Individual members can use IHP to allow them to observe their own health index at any time and cooperate with IHP's professional daily exercise guides to keep themselves in motion to improve or maintain their health; Nursing homes, physical examination centers, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, health clubs, etc., can provide value-added services through IHP, can more effectively manage membership, benefit exercise prescriptions, and improve the level of care; through the IHP, doctors can easily and easily judge and improve Work efficiency, transfer patients to appropriate medical units, while doing sports medicine and preventive medicine, promote the benefits of exercise that is prescription.

The IHP Interactive Health Advisor has won numerous awards since its inception. It has won the Practical Solutions Innovator Award from the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and recognizes that IHP can create a better and healthier life blueprint.

When people talk about fitness equipment, people think of some hard steel. Nowadays, with the gradual development of science and technology, what kind of new forms of health management will happen when traditional fitness equipment encounters high-tech clouds? LifeSpan is a carrier for IHP cloud data. Each LifeSpan Lamb device can be equipped with a USB port or equipped with Bluetooth transmission. You can upload your exercise data to IHP Interactive Health Advisor Cloud. IHP receives After the data, a personalized exercise prescription will be issued based on your actual exercise and health conditions to help you achieve your fitness needs.

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