With busy urban life, the pace is getting faster, the body and mind become a kind of extravagant hope, and busy life has become the main theme of life. A relaxing original ecological tour can be treasured because of its rareness. The large-scale interactive event organized by Jinpai Co., Ltd. was “welcome to travel with Jinjiu” and was therefore welcomed by everyone.

“Traveling with Jinjiu Wine” is a health experience event organized by Jingpai Company. Users only need to log on to the event website, participate in activities, fill in information, and get a chance to get a quota for the Quality Experience Brigade under the Jingqu Wine Line. And fresh wine coupons and other gifts.

Since the beginning of the event, it has been welcomed by a large number of netizens. The official website of the visit can easily win health gifts through knowledge, video, and sharing. At the same time, there are opportunities to obtain offline experience, not only to appreciate the natural conditions of the Mufu Mountain, to visit Fenglin Xiaoqu Liquor, to visit the country’s largest health wine base, but also to experience the wine culture and health integrated into the landscape during the journey. care.

As a health-conscious health food company, Jinpai Corporation insists on health-drinking, and insists on the production of health-care wines on the basis of the standard of medicines. It also opens the production line to the outside world and accepts on-site inspections by consumers, letting everyone witness the vigor The quality of health.

Enter the national well-known health wine base, taste a healthy journey, and experience the story behind the “Jin is good, but don't get greedy,” and feel the lasting health care! Event URL: http://img .sh.sohu.com/jingjiu/

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