From the perspective of market sales, soft furniture occupies half of the country. Why is soft furniture so popular and become the consumer's purchase target? Compared with other furniture, soft furniture is a new face, but it is also one of the most popular furniture. Its comfort and functionality often make consumers love it.

Since the slogan of the Chicago School of Representatives, Louis Sullivan, put forward the "form follow-up function", the function is supreme and becomes the creed of modern home design. The expansion of functions of soft furniture has never stopped. For example, the combination of modern technology, such as Gujia Home, left and right sofas, and other leather sofas that combine relaxation, entertainment and audio-visual entertainment, the functions are increasingly humanized and diversified.

In addition, the fabric sofa that follows the fashion trend absorbs the fashion elements of luggage and fashion into the sofa design, creating an alternative fashion outside the color. The modern function sofa, which combines the functions of technology and fashion, is the perfect place to relax the soul of the urban people who are rushing.

The person in charge of a furniture brand said that with the improvement of people's living standards and consumer demand, any product in the world is facing a problem is the market segmentation. In the traditional home furnishing industry, the earliest was the suite furniture. Later, the software was separated from the suite furniture. In the software, the sofa and bedding were separated. In the bedding, it was divided into plates, solid wood, metal, fabric, leather, etc. Wait, the market will continue to be subdivided. For the soft furniture industry separated from the suite, the entire domestic software industry has gradually matured and scaled, and it has gradually been recognized by consumers and the market. Soft furniture has also formed its own scale in China, and overall it is relatively standardized and healthy.

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