It is not easy to choose a set of furniture suitable for oneself, but it is not expected to cut corners. If you want to properly defend your rights and return the furniture, you will be rejected. There is no label in the furniture material contract, which makes many consumers suffer.

At present, furniture in the furniture market generally requires a custom period of 1-3 months. Consumers who purchase furniture styles often only see samples in the store. Late delivery often has problems that do not match the material of the sample. Consumers are mostly impulse-type purchases, and the material of the furniture is not well understood. The ordering contract of the furniture manufacturer is only the model of the product, and the material of the furniture itself is relatively vague. Therefore, many consumers only have dumb to eat berberine, and they can hardly tell.

EGGER board becomes MDF

Mr. Xu is preparing to marry his girlfriend this year. He ordered a set of sofas in a furniture store and a set of 4 sets of bedrooms, with a total price of more than 20,000 yuan. The furniture store staff said that all the timber is imported from Europe, and it takes two months to customize. The two parties agreed to deliver in October.

After nearly two months of waiting, Mr. Xu finally waited for the furniture. So, Mr. Xu brought a friend who knows how to go to the new house. He also recommended this set of furniture to his friends. A friend asked him to remove the fixing screws of the hinges, and "see the leopard in the tube" from the position of the nail hole. It doesn't matter if you don't look at it. Mr. Xu unveiled the seal and saw that the internal use was all MDF, not the EG plates introduced by the original store staff. The EGGER board is a high-grade artificial board from Germany, and the price is high. The domestic MDF is mostly of medium and low-grade furniture materials due to the uneven quality.

Mr. Xu quickly contacted the person in charge of the store, but the other party claimed that “the cabinets are now using MDF, and you must have heard it wrong.” Mr. Xu did not sign a detailed custom contract with the manufacturer when ordering. Although it is known that the price of particleboard and dew is very different, it is difficult to complain.

Sign a detailed contract to protect your own interests

According to industry insiders, customers who order furniture at the store must indicate the size, price, material, delivery time, return and other contents of the furniture on the contract, because the current finished furniture generally requires a customized period, but customized services. There is still no unified national standard. Consumers must maintain their legal rights and interests, and must make detailed arrangements for some important contents in the contract. In the event of a dispute, rights can be defended through a contract.

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