The greatest happiness is to watch the family eat the happiness of their own meals. The greatest happiness is that you can change a variety of delicious dishes like a magician. The Galanz G70F20N2L-DG (S0) microwave oven makes these happiness and happiness always accompany us. The good life can be as simple as that.

1: Galanz G70F20N2L-DG (S0) microwave oven from the shape design we can see that it uses a mirror design, silver appearance, it is more stylish and generous.

2: The plasma arc spray coating technique is used.

3: Newly added thaw, light wave and low light wave combination knob, which is faster, more efficient and more energy efficient. The classic time knob 0-30 minutes allows you to accurately grasp the cooking time.

4: The door safety chain and the switch link make the door and the body tightly interlocked to ensure that the microwave oven can work normally. Note: If the oven door is open, the microwave oven will not work.

5: The microwave generator uses the American Dyson super large plate: the American Dyson microcrystalline ceramic panel, the surface of the flat plate is smooth and smooth, never fades, so that the bacteria have nowhere to escape.

6: Exquisite stainless steel grill, durable and effective, effectively divide the cavity space and use the cavity space efficiently.

7: Unique ventilation and heat dissipation design greatly increase the service life of the microwave oven. 8: Back bracket, anti-smashing wall design, is conducive to machine exhaust and heat dissipation, to ensure the normal operation of the microwave oven to extend its service life.

Such a microwave oven allows you to cook your food as you like. You can use it to stew the nutrients, roast the fragrant, boil the original flavor, and steam the delicious. However, you should pay attention to the use: do not use ordinary plastic containers; metal utensils; closed containers, that is, wide-mouth containers; do not time out heating, if more than 2 hours, should be discarded to avoid poisoning; do not heat the heat to half-cooked and then use microwave oven to heat Because this does not kill all the bacteria. Avoid fried foods. In case of accidental fire in the furnace, avoid opening the door, turn off the power supply, and then open the door to cool down after the fire is extinguished; do not put the microwave oven indoors, and do not cover the heat dissipation window grille on the microwave oven; Do not work in front of the microwave for a long time.

The Galanz G70F20N2L-DG (S0) microwave oven is a cost-effective home economical and practical microwave oven. It is easy to operate, and has some new buttons and safety facilities. The elderly in the home can also use it with confidence.

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