Recently, the international leading company in safety, health and sensor technology, British Halma Group, announced the sales results for the six months ending October 1, 2011.

In the six months to October 1, 2011, Halma Group ’s total sales revenue increased by 12% to between 280 million pounds, which made the adjusted pre-tax profit as high as 4930-57.5 million pounds. Among all the growing geographic regions, China has grown by nearly 30%.

Among them, the health and analysis business income increased by 17% to 121 million pounds, compared with 104 million pounds in the same period last year; the pre-tax profit of this business increased by 26%, reaching 2210-28 million pounds.

Mr. Andrew Williams, CEO of Halma Group, said that the market performance of the health and analytics business has grown strongly, with a good organic growth rate and acquisition opportunities, and is the largest contributor to Halma Group ’s total revenue. This year, Halma has completed two acquisition cases-the water treatment department of Wagtech in the United Kingdom and Avo Photonics in the United States. We found that there are still many acquisition opportunities in developed countries. At the same time, Halma has also selected suitable acquisition targets in Asia and South America.

Infrastructure sensor business revenue increased by 5%, and pre-tax profit increased by 8% to 1790-1940 million pounds.

At the same time, the performance of the industrial security business is also very good, with revenues of 49-58 million pounds, an increase of 17%, and profits of 1130-1360 million pounds, an increase of 20%.

Andrew Williams also said that we are very sure that Halma Group will maintain a rapid growth of 25-30% in the future.

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