High-definition three-channel virtual studio solution

3 Quotation of HD Digital Studio System

Serial number Goods name Main specifications Quantity Unit price Total price 1 Recording system part 1.1 Camera system Sony EX1R 14x optical zoom multiple 3Exmor CMOS; Total pixels: 6 million, Recording format: MPEG-2; Long GOP encoding
Digital zoom factor: 30 times / horizontal resolution: 1000 lines, type: memory card camcorder; display size: 3.5 inches
Storage medium: SXS memory card; image sensor size: 1/2 inch; minimum illumination: 0.14lux; accessories included: AC adapter, A / V connecting cable, component video cable, lens hood with cover, battery (U30), large Eye mask, RMT-831 wireless remote control, operating instructions 3


1.2 High-speed memory card for camera is used for Sony PMW-EX1R / PMW-EX3, S2-64G card of PMW-EX330K
Recording time): 208 minutes in HQ mode, 256 minutes in SP mode.
Suitable for long-term recording without tape; high-speed transmission with PC; perfect performance and more effective process design; very convenient to connect with non-linear editing; built-in card reader, providing USB2.0 interface; operating system: Window XP, Mac OS10 .4, LINUX Kemel 2.4 or newer version 6 1.3 Camera accessories Two power and one charge (2 batteries, one charger) 1 1.4 Jiexun tripod GS-960 PRO Ball bowl diameter: 65mm spherical base, damping system: hydraulic damping , Horizontal and vertical locking, gimbal bearing: 5.5Kg, dynamic balance adjustment weight: 1.5-4kg; horizontal display: level, pitch rotation range: 360 degrees; balance board adjustment range: 40mm
Tripod height: 700-1500mm, two-level aluminum alloy; single handle: diameter 12mm / length 320m 1 2 Virtual studio system 2.1 HD multi-function studio system 1. System equipment description:
3-channel high-definition digital studio system: a set of XGB-XD300 studio system; the main functions of the original keyboard and mouse:
1. Real-time on-site recording to generate digital video files;
2. Real-time stunt switching, transition, and adding stunt special effects;
3. Real-time virtual keying, virtual large screen, picture-in-picture function;
4. Real-time caption production and addition, and a large number of templates can be used directly;
5. Real-time broadcast AV signal, output function;
6. Multi-channel monitoring on the same screen, so the input camera, VGA and other channels can be displayed on the main interface for real-time preview,
7. DVR function, which can record the output video to the system hard disk in real time to generate digital video files. II. Technical parameters: Video input: 3-channel high-definition digital HDSDI, 3-channel digital SD SDI, analog I / O format: composite , Y / C, YUV with 10-bit conversion;
Video output: 2 channels of high-definition digital HDSDI, SDSDI, analog I / O formats: composite, Y / C, YUV with 10-bit conversion;
Function Description:
• All cameras and other video signals can be previewed on the same screen, displayed, improved 4: 4: 4 video standard, advanced 4-4-4 YPrPb, 10-bit digital processing • 486p / 59.94 NTSC, 576p / 50 PAL, video synthesis and overlay, support up to 4 layers of video overlay
• The internal video processing uses floating-point color pixel precision of 64bit, and the internal video processing floating-point color 64-bits each pixel precision.
• New real-time chroma key creation tool, virtual keying, support to quickly read the configuration file of each channel of chroma key. The requirements for the camera, blue box and lighting are minimized, and there are two color keys to key the material in the virtual large screen; you can see the virtual effect in the preview port before the live broadcast. Reflection, refraction, soft shadow, mirror effect; virtual large screen and secondary reflection effect of virtual large screen, real-time dual-box effect 1 358000 358000 2.2 Special effects switcher Starlight: XGB-LC11 multi-channel high-definition video switching, real-time special effects Overlay, real-time subtitle key definition, direct overlay, pace and overall quality of live network playback and video projects. 1 38000 38000 3 Audio equipment and display system 3.1 Lavalier microphone Sony UWP-V1 Characteristic description: Omnidirectional microphone, metal material, smaller volume; more stable frequency response, natural sound reproduction
Bodypack transmitter, all-metal casing, more durable, black body, more compatible with professional cameras, using backlight LCD screen, can also be clearly viewed in dark places, more compact, more convenient to carry, size: 63 x 82.5 x 18.7 mm (W / H / D) 2


3.2 Mixer Yamaha 166CX 1 3.3 Guided call TVCAM guide microphone 1 to 4; 1 guide can talk with 4 cameramen at the same time 1 3.4 Interview microphone Audio-Technica AT-8035 Interview professional microphone 3 3.5 Custom microphone stand 2 3.6 Monitor speakers YAMAHA, MSP-3 1 3.7 Custom speaker stand 1 3.8 Monitor headphones Audio-Technica 3 3.9 HD monitor RUIGE, TL-S1900HD: 19 ″ 4: 3 composite / Y / Pr / Pb / SD / HD-SDI / VGA / Audio / Video loop-through / TALLY / Embedded audio / With accessories / Applicable video editing monitoring 1 3.10 24-inch monitor Dell ST2420L 2 3.11 Studio teleprompter TC-190A teleprompter: Reflective screen is TFT LCD flat panel display, imported ultra-thin Optical glass, viewing distance greater than 3 meters, bright image, resolution: 1024 * 768, remote control; with tripod and casters 1 3.12 cable video, audio cable, etc. 1.13 studio console 1.5M * 0.8M, double cabinet, Double-layer, solid wood surface 3 4 Analog signal video converter and cable TV equipment 20000

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