In recent years, China's high-end art furniture has shown rapid development. From the rise of domestic furniture brands in the field of high-end products to the continuous entry of international high-end art brands into the domestic market, people feel that the development of high-end art furniture is full of hope, and let us see the mainstream direction of future furniture product development.

The domestic high-end art furniture market has great potential. With the improvement of living standards, people's consumption consciousness is gradually changing. In the past, consumers may be concerned about the price and practicality of products. Now they are not only satisfied with practicality and beauty, but also the demand for quality of life is increasing. The market potential of high-end art furniture products can be imagined, and the future will become the mainstream trend in the market.

A few years ago, the real estate market was hot, which made the art furniture industry counter-market expansion. Although the sales of many real estates come from speculative housing, the entire real estate market still brings the rigid demand of high-end art furniture products to a certain extent; the emergence of high-end real estates around the country directly drives the sales of high-end art furniture products.

Nowadays, high-end art furniture is no longer a product that only a few people enjoy, but has more target groups. According to relevant statistics, more and more middle-income people are very interested in high-end art furniture, and this kind of consumer group's investment in high-end art furniture products has also increased with the increase of income. Therefore, the domestic high-end art furniture market is very clear.

High-end art furniture business

In many European and American countries, the business model of the high-end art furniture market is basically self-operated by furniture stores, and the supply is provided by local wholesale companies or brand furniture companies. However, no matter what brand, when entering the hometown, they have to follow the local custom to adapt to the consumption habits of local consumers. Therefore, the methods and channels of some foreign furniture when entering China are generally conservative, and it is the first choice to enter the high-end stores.

However, the manufacturers and merchants in this market continue to expand, diluting the profits of the industry, and reducing the profitability and profitability of dealers. A dealer named Xu said that their income in the store is getting less and less. In many cases, the income is digested by the expensive rent of the store, and the position of the brand image store in the store cannot be chosen. The dealer is really wronged. "Developed so far, the advantages and original intentions of entering the store have completely deteriorated. Originally, I wanted to use the store channel to promote sales. However, the excessive expansion speed and excessive density of many stores have led to a decline in sales of corporate units. But with competitors. The game can only be "expanded" with the store, which in turn will increase the cost pressure of the enterprise." Another dealer complained.

High-end art furniture brand channel change

Under such a reality, more and more high-end art furniture brands are gradually getting rid of the control of the store and taking the independent channel mode. The mahogany furniture companies such as Midland Furniture, Deep Hair Furniture, and Friendship Home have already owned their own independent brand stores. The “Year Red” specialty store, which is well-known in China, has also been very successful.

Is there any contradiction between the development of independent brand stores and follow-up chain home stores? Chen Jian, a brand furniture project manager who will open a brand independent store, said that independent stores can better reflect high-end, companies can also determine their own image and Location, no need to be controlled by the store, and self-built stores often have a large area, which can display their products more comprehensively and centrally, so that consumers have more choices and help to increase single sales. He also said that although the high-end brand positioning makes them highly competitive in the market, they do not aim at the quantity themselves. It is necessary to open their own brand independent stores to further deepen the brand image.

For the stores in the store will disappear, Chen Jian said that there is still a transition period, the store and independent channels will coexist for a period of time, the merchants do not have to decide to break the arm. The business model of an independent store requires a lot of capital and energy, and the risk is also greater. If the business is not good, it means burning money. In the current domestic market, consumption habits cannot be changed immediately, and most people will choose to enter the store when they purchase furniture. Therefore, it is safer not to give up at both ends.

China's long-standing and profound art – art furniture (classical furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, furniture of the Republic of China, contemporary mahogany furniture), is like a bright coordinate in the history of the river, revealing the brilliance and beauty of traditional culture. It condenses the wisdom and sweat of the ancients and interprets the obsession and madness of the contemporary people. It is the spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. From the perspective of art, we look back at history and look forward to the future. We only see the heavy responsibility of remembering civilization and inheriting culture.

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