The supercharged shower , as the name implies, is a shower with enhanced water pressure effect. It is a new type of shower invented to solve the phenomenon that the water pressure of the user's home is insufficient and the shower water suddenly cools and heats. The shower can maximize the stability of the water temperature, water pressure and water output of the shower. However, because many people do not understand the pressurized shower, they have to encounter many difficulties when purchasing. The editor will introduce some pressurization for everyone What brand of shower is good and the working principle of pressurized shower .

What brand of booster shower is good?

For many consumers, supercharged showers are relatively unfamiliar products, so some consumers who have insufficient water pressure in their home toilets cannot buy supercharged showers. So far, China's leading bathroom brands have not yet introduced pressurized shower products, which is leading consumers to understand one of the reasons very little supercharger shower, then showers What makes a good boost it?

At present, the existing supercharged shower brands in the sanitary ware market are not very well-known in China. According to statistics, the more well-known supercharged shower brands are: Betina, Jiumu, Langyiou, Moen, Hans Sanitary ware brands such as Geya and Shenluda.

Introduction of working principle of supercharged shower

The biggest difference between a supercharged shower and an ordinary shower is whether there is a supercharged effect. At present, most supercharged showers on the market use the same principle. The specific working principle of supercharged showers is: The energy-saving pressurized water inlet device is installed at the tail and communicates with the venturi hole of the shower handle. When the water flow enters the shower, the external air pressure forces the water flow to speed up the water, thereby increasing the water output speed by about 30% and achieving 30% automatic pressure increase When the water flow continues, the air is continuously drawn from the venturi. The water flow is rich in oxygen ions. When inflated, there will be a little sound of the water flow and the air colliding with each other; when the water column is ejected from the water outlet, Oxygen ion bubbles occupy the internal space of the water column, and the effluent reduces the flow rate by about 50% compared to the original, which achieves the effect of automatically saving water by 50%; when the water column hits the skin surface of the body, oxygen ions automatically blast, increasing the shower coverage, Aerobic massage can promote blood circulation and achieve health care effects.

In fact, the working principle of the booster shower can also be simply summarized in one sentence: to promote the mixing of air and water flow, so that the internal pressure of the water flow increases, forming a high-speed water flow. Through the above content about what brand of supercharged shower is good and the introduction of the working principle of supercharged showers , in detail, everyone has a further understanding of supercharged showers , and I hope it can help you buy supercharged showers .

Is the booster shower useful:

In fact, no matter which brand of product, the principle of supercharged shower is similar, but the technology is different. The editor takes the famous sanitary ware brand Jiu Mu booster shower as an example to introduce the water-saving booster technology used by the booster shower. Jiumu intelligent series shower can intelligently limit the flow, and automatically change the water inlet area according to the water pressure. When the water pressure is small, the water inlet area is large, so that the water output reaches a balance, which can not only achieve the purpose of boosting pressure, but also save water. Of course, the technology used by other brands of supercharged showers may be different, but in general, the same. From the previous point of view on the technology used in pressurized showers, pressurized showers only increase the water pressure of the shower water by changing the water inlet area, but it does not really solve the problem of insufficient water pressure in the home. It is for this reason that the pressurized shower has insufficient water pressure at home, but the water pressure is stable enough to make the water heater ignite and keep working in a family that is very practical;

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