How to choose fitness equipment?
Date: 2015-09-08 14:43

Choose your own sports equipment, in order to receive the ideal fitness effect, now on the market sports equipment dazzling, people do not know what to choose should we, below, we come to understand the performance of six kinds of sports equipment, see bottom One is for you.

Treadmill: It can effectively improve people's heart and lung function, and has a considerable effect on the improvement of cardiovascular system function. At the same time, it also has obvious effect of reducing fat.

Exercise bike: This is a fitness equipment that is very suitable for aerobic exercise for men, women and children. It can effectively exercise the cardiovascular system.

Kinji: This is a kind of rare equipment that can make 80% of the whole body's muscles and joints participate in sports at the same time. Besides training the whole body muscles and joints, it can also effectively train people's nerve coordination ability. .

Strength training machine: mainly for the legs to exercise, not only can increase the muscle strength of the legs and enhance leg joint capacity, but also increase the bone density of the bones of the legs, prevent osteoporosis

Rowing machine: It can effectively exercise stretching muscles, especially for lower back exercises, and can relieve back pain.

Dumbbells: Exercise dumbbells, mainly to exercise one's body muscles, improve body shape, improve muscle strength. Now know which fitness equipment to choose for your personal situation.

After seeing the above experts' introduction, the performance of these six kinds of sports equipment is different, and the suitable crowd is not the same. You now know which one is suitable for you. According to your physical condition and age, you can choose a kind of transport equipment. In order to achieve the best fitness results.

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