In order to avoid hitting the net, in theory, there should be a difference of 22.5 degrees between the colors, but practice has proved that the four angles of 15 degrees, 45 degrees, 75 degrees and 90 degrees are very effective, and the yellow version is less stimulating to the vision The visual sensitivity is poor, so it is generally set at 90 degrees, and the vision is most sensitive to the 45-degree angle. The main color of the original manuscript magenta or cyan is generally set to 45 degrees.

For example: for the blue sky and white clouds, the blue version should be set to 45 degrees, for the morning glow and the sunset, the magenta version should be set to 45 degrees, and the non-45 degree angle of magenta and cyan can be set. It is 15 degrees, and the black version is set at 75 degrees.

Flip Wall Clock is  very unique design in clocks. This technology, flip, has been patented by us in China. The design inspiration is from the sports scoreboard. Hour card changes every hour and minute card change every minute. Flip Wall Clock is very easy for you to read the time. 

OEM is available. We are glad to cooperate with you to make more amazing Flip Clocks ot other creative clocks.

flip wall clock

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