How will riding culture lead the healthy development of the bicycle industry?
Date: 2014-11-18 10:32

The bicycle, which has a history of more than 100 years, is evolving from a simple means of transportation in the past to an important tool integrating transportation, recreation, and fitness. In this role change process, bicycle culture including cycling activities plays a vital role.
What are the new characteristics of the Chinese bicycle industry driven by the riding culture? What changes will the cycling culture bring to the bicycle industry? How can riding culture boost the transformation and upgrading of the bicycle industry? At the first China Bike Culture Forum held recently, the participating experts discussed the above topics.
Cycling has become fashionable. High-end bicycles are favored With the development and popularization of the auto industry, the traditional bicycle industry was once facing tremendous pressure for survival. However, the rise of environmental protection and low carbon fashion has once again made bicycles a favorite transportation and fitness tool.
Reflections on the traditional industrial economy at the expense of too many environmental and public interests have made the development of a green economy a new trend in the world. Ma Zhongchao, chairman of the China Bicycle Association, said that at the same time, after material life is enriched to a certain extent, people are beginning to pursue a higher level of spiritual culture, especially paying more attention to the soft thing, that is, non-material consumption, such as the environment, health, and sustainability. Development and so on.
The bicycle industry is just a typical example of the green economy and green consumption that fully satisfy these two major motives. As a result, it has become a symbol of people's attention and has transformed into a symbol of fashion and healthy life.
Cycling has become a trend. The charm of cycling is infecting and attracting more and more people to participate. It has become a beautiful landscape in contemporary life. Peng Shangyong, chief executive of China's low-carbon network, said that this unparalleled advantage allows people to truly feel the beauty of harmony, the beauty of health and happiness, and the graceful and elegant beauty that is close to nature. Its environmental protection, convenience, simplicity, and savings are other means of transportation. Can not be analogized and replaced.
Obvious changes in the positioning of bicycle functions and market demand are due to changes in people’s lifestyles and changes in lifestyles.
According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are 99 prefecture-level cities in the country that have set up public bicycles, and more than 20,000 kilometers of greenways have been paved. There are more than 3,000 cycling clubs for over 100 people and more than 5 million bicycle enthusiasts. Covering the whole country; holding about 3,000 events and events of a certain scale every year, accumulating hundreds of millions of people affected by radiation.
With the promotion and popularization of bicycle culture and sports, mid-to-high-end bicycles with the purpose of leisure and fitness are increasingly favored. Statistics show that the domestic bicycle sales in mainland China are about 27 million vehicles a year, of which the variable speed vehicle accounts for 30%; while the speed change vehicle is increasing at a rate of nearly 5% per year, the 9 to 10 speed high-end products have increased by nearly 10% annually. The situation has steadily improved.
The cultural power of bicycles should not be underestimated. Statistical data from the China Light Industry Council shows that in the first 7 months of this year, the main business income of the bicycle industry increased by 8.73% year-on-year, with profits up by 17.3% year-on-year, and exports by 12.92% year-on-year, indicating that bicycles The industrial efficiency is obviously better than the speed; at the same time, the profit and export of bicycle industry is faster than the national average growth rate of light industry by 6.8 and 6.1 percentage points, showing good growth potential.
Under the background of the pressure of economic downturn and the lack of external demand, the economic benefits of the bicycle industry have continued to show itself, and the strength of the culture behind it cannot be underestimated.
Wang Shicheng, vice president of the China National Light Industry Council, said that as early as 2009, the China Bicycle Association took the lead in creatively proposing a culture-led industry and a culture to enhance the image of the industry among the 55 associations of light industry. After the nationwide large-scale cycling event, the rich connotation of the low-carbon, healthy, leisurely and fashionable culture of bike culture and the new image of continuous publicity have gradually become popular among people, and have become an important symbol of people's modern and quality life.
Ma Zhongchao said that since the association initiated the industrial cultural construction work in 2009, the concept of promoting culture through comprehensive promotion of the industry has been deeply rooted in people's minds and has become an industry consensus. Under this guiding principle, traditional bicycle manufacturing has entered a new virtuous development track. In the past two years, it has clearly defined the development trend as diversification, branding, high-end, and increasing the proportion of bicycle population and increasing the proportion of bicycles with more than 1,000 yuan. aims.
With the popularization and further development of bicycle culture, the industrial chain has expanded from traditional raw material component manufacturing vehicle sales to raw material component manufacturing vehicle sales derivatives development.
It is this last link that has changed people’s traditional understanding of the value of the bicycle industry: The benefits of bicycles come not only from vehicles and accessories, but also from clothing, food, beverages, books, audio-visual products, tools, tourism, and other derivative products. Development and sales. Ma Zhongchao said that this not only makes the industrial chain significantly longer, it can also use the scope of the economy to diversify the risk or increase the overall efficiency.
Cultural innovation will lead the bicycle industry all the way forward The idea of ​​the cultural concept and integration strategy of the bicycle industry has been widely and profoundly affected the development of the bicycle industry and is even reshaping the structure of the industry.
For five consecutive years, the China Bicycle Association’s low-carbon campaign on low-carbon, green, and environmental-protected themes for large-scale public-bike rides has become a flag of the industry's culture and is a major brand of the association. 2010 Beijing-Shenzhen Cycling, 2011 Red Riding of the University, Beijing Hulun Buir 4+2 Cycling, 2012 Shenyang-Mohe Cycling, 2013 Beautiful West Bike Cycling, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Cycling, 2014 Six major activities such as the Silk Road Ride, covering 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, and the total mileage of 10,000 kilometers of riding, has attracted media attention and has directly and indirectly affected nearly 200 million people.
In the future, the upgrading of the Chinese bicycle industry, based on adhering to the path of technological innovation, should also consider a new path for cultural innovation, that is, to give full play to the strong role of culture and promote the integration of culture and industry. Ma Zhongchao said that because this kind of integration will not only change the market structure and market performance of the industry, but also create new industrial forms or new value-added links, and then change the industrial structure and economic growth of an industry.
It is reported that for the sake of clarifying the importance of cultural construction, the China Bicycle Association has established a cultural and technical department and set up a bicycle culture promotion center. At present, it has expanded the establishment of three major sub-centers of the Chinese cycling culture Northeast, North China, and East China Promotion Center. Set Mohe Station, Shanxi Station, Hebei Station and so on.
Culture is the soul of bicycles and it is also the spiritual power of all practitioners. Now it is time to face up to the heavy responsibility of the shoulders and redefine the new stage of the industry's temperament. It is necessary to create industry value while leading the development of the industry, use culture to forge the strongest competitiveness of the Chinese bicycle industry, and show the world that the industry is the most vibrant vitality. Ma Zhongchao said.
Looking ahead, the China Bicycle Association will also focus on building a number of influential, distinctive bicycle industry bases that can highlight the culture of the industry, and then drive other industry groups and achieve a virtuous cycle of industrial chain and industrial integration through market mechanisms.
Wang Shicheng stated that culture is the bridge between people and people to communicate heart and emotion and deepen understanding and trust. The integration of culture based on cultural exchange is far longer and deeper than single economic and trade exchanges. The Chinese bicycle industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and will become a bright spot in the development of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Light Industry.

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