Marmot groundhog men's clothing, anti-splash, wind, breathable, DriClime wicking inside, patent "angel wings" version, to ensure flexibility of the upper limbs, ergonomic design tailoring, can adapt to a variety of outdoor activities.

Seven plus two friends in the mall group buy, the original price of 999, now buy 4.8 off the price of 480 yuan. Relative to the price of Tmall 499 and Jingdong 600, it is more appropriate. Orange and green are available in two sizes, and the size is sufficient. If you like it, you may want to consider starting it. The deadline for group purchase is 10:00 am on March 24th, Beijing time.

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Kitchen Clean Towels

Name:Microfiber Kitchen Clean Towels

Material:80%polyester+20%polyamide or bamboo

super absorbent

1.regular 30*30cm,30*40cm,40*40cm,40*50cm
2. and we can do it according to the customeized size

Weight:300gsm--400gsm or we can provide Customized

Color:customized different printed design

Kitchen Dish Cloth,Microfiber Kitchen Towel,Kitchen Drying Dish Mat,Best Cloth For Washing Dishes

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