Packaging is a necessary condition for the product to enter the circulation field, and the main means of achieving packaging is the use of packaging machinery. With the development of the times and advances in technology, packaging machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the field of circulation. Traditional packaging machinery mostly uses mechanical control, such as camshaft distribution. Later, electronic control, photoelectric control, and pneumatic control have emerged. However, with the ever-increasing productivity, random changes in packaging parameters, these control systems have become increasingly difficult to meet the development of the new situation. At this time, a new technology: mechatronics technology came into being. It completely changed the appearance of packaging machinery, so that it appears in a brand new attitude in front of the world.

First, the characteristics of mechanical and electrical integration technology:

1. In the current era of rapid changes in science and technology, the appearance of new technologies, new processes, new materials, and new equipment is no longer the development of a single discipline, but related disciplines, a variety of advanced technologies. Interpenetrate and complement each other. Mechatronics technology is such a new technology. It is an integrated technology built on the basis of information theory, cybernetics, and systems theory. The essence is to use the process control principle from the system point of view to organically combine mechanical, electronic and information, inspection and other related technologies to achieve overall optimization. Specifically, it introduces microcomputer technology into packaging machinery.

2. Mechatronics has fundamentally changed the face of packaging machinery. In this type of packaging machinery, the microcomputer serves as its brain and replaces the conventional control system. The mechanical structure is its main body and torso. Various instruments, meters, and sensors are its senses. They sense changes in various packing parameters and feed back to the brain (microcomputer). The various actuators are its hands and feet. The actions required for packaging operations.

3, a complete mechatronic system, generally including microcomputers, sensors, power sources, transmission systems, actuators and other parts. It eliminates the cumbersome and unreasonable parts of conventional packaging machinery, and integrates advanced technologies of machinery, microcomputers, microelectronics, sensors and other disciplines, and brings profound impact to packaging machinery in terms of design, manufacture, and control. The change has fundamentally changed the face of packaging machinery.

Second, mechanical and electrical integration of the advantages of packaging machinery:

A new technology, once it becomes productive, often plays a huge role. If the error of photoelectric positioning is far less than mechanical positioning, the effect of microwave drying is much better than that of electric heating drying. Although the mechanical and electrical integration technology is not used for packaging machinery, the effect is obvious and the effect is enormous. Mechanical and electrical integration advantages for packaging machinery:

1, greatly simplify the mechanical structure.

The control system is the starting organ of the machine. The traditional packaging machine control system uses relays and contactor control circuits. The complexity of the control system increases with the increase of actuators and the increase of adjustment parts, making the machines more and more complex. Inconvenience to manufacturing, adjustment, use and maintenance. Mechatronics can replace the cumbersome electrical control cabinets and drive devices with microcomputers, sensor technologies, and new drive technologies, which can drastically reduce the number of parts and components, simplify the structure, and reduce the size of the components.

2, improve product quality.

There is a huge storage system in the microcomputer. People can pre-store various parameters and related data that affect the operation of the packing machine into the microcomputer. It can automatically track the production process. When a parameter or several parameters change, this change is fed back to the microcomputer in an instant, and the microcomputer recognizes, judges, and corrects the changed parameters in a timely manner so that the packaging machine can maintain the best working condition at any time. However, when the process parameters of the traditional packaging machine are changed, many adjustments are made based on experience. This makes it difficult to find the best parameters. If several process parameters are changed at the same time, it is incomprehensible. Such as the most common plastic bag sealing machine, its sealing quality and packaging materials, heat sealing temperature and operating speed and so on. If the material changes (material, thickness), then the temperature and speed must also change, but it is difficult to grasp the change. If microcomputer control is used, the optimal parameters of the sealing temperature and speed of various packaging materials are matched with the input of the microcomputer memory, and the necessary sensors are combined to form an automatic tracking system. In this way, no matter which process parameter is changed, the most suitable parameters can be guaranteed. Good sealing quality.

The more parameters are changed, the more adjustments are made, and the superiority of electromechanical integration is also greater, which is unmatched by general control methods.

3. Increased functionality and improved reliability.

In addition to the functions of the original packaging machine, electromechanical integration can also provide many other functions. Such as liquid beverage soft packaging machine, which in the pneumatic, electrical and mechanical co-cooperation, may have box making, sterilization, filling, sealing and other functions, but if the microcomputer is introduced into the control system, it can also store such as the production rate, The number of products, fault phenomena, causes of failure and other data, at the same time, these data can be processed according to the actual situation, and the results are printed out or displayed on the screen, which greatly facilitates the operation.

Mechatronics will also provide packaging machines with automatic monitoring, dynamic detection, alarm and other work, but also has safety interlock control, overload and out of control protection and other functions, so that the reliability of the packaging machine is greatly improved.

4, easy to operate, improve efficiency.

The packaging machine designed with mechatronics technology has a highly centralized display of digital displays and a variety of information, greatly reducing the number of buttons, handles, and program control functions. The operating procedures have been greatly reduced, and operators are also easy to train.

Conventional packaging machines are mostly driven by asynchronous motors, but they are mostly under light-load working conditions, and their energy waste is large. The electromechanical integration technology uses a variable frequency motor instead of an asynchronous motor. The microcomputer automatically finds the best operating point and randomly adjusts the output power of the variable frequency motor, which generally saves 40% of energy. In addition, its reliability has improved, product quality has been guaranteed, and benefits have also improved.

Mechatronics is the development direction of packaging machinery. Although it has not been used for a long time, it has shown great advantages. With the popularization and promotion of mechatronics in packaging machinery, it will surely be the development of China's packaging industry. To the positive role.

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