At present, Beijing Municipal Finance allocates nearly 20 million yuan of annual award funds to support green Printing engineering projects, but the funds allocated by other provinces and cities are particularly low or not at all. Although the publishing company and the printing company that has obtained the green printing environmental labeling product certification can complete the green printing of the specific publications according to the requirements of the news publishing and environmental protection departments, the enthusiasm for actively implementing green printing for the publications without requirements is not high. Mainly because green printing is generally more expensive than ordinary printing. In addition to the environmentally-friendly raw and auxiliary materials, which will increase the direct production cost of the publication, the renovation of the plant, machinery and equipment, and the re-engineering of the production process for the implementation of green printing will be added and will need to be carried out in the future production process. Although the input of depreciation and amortization (indirect cost or fixed cost) is small, the amount of one input is large.

So, what is the cost of green printing? Which projects are high? To understand this problem, this paper investigated Sichuan Xinhua Color Printing Co., Ltd., Wuhan Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. Seven printing companies, such as Gansu Xinhua Printing Factory, Lanzhou Xinhua Printing Factory, Lanzhou People Printing Factory and Beijing Meitong Printing Co., Ltd., will summarize the survey data and form the table 1 (in view of the large differences in hardware facilities of various enterprises, This article only analyzes the changes in direct costs such as raw and auxiliary materials. It can be seen that after the implementation of green printing, the prices of various raw and auxiliary materials have increased.

Printing with a certain book (16 sheets, 5 sheets, 105g/m2 coated paper for text printing, 128g/m2 coated paper for cover printing, 4 colors for printing, glazing on the cover, 50,000 copies) For example, after calculating the green printing, the cost increase of each raw and auxiliary materials and its proportion of the total cost increase are shown in Table 2 and Figure 1.

It can be seen that the use of green printing will increase the cost of raw and auxiliary materials by 10% compared to ordinary printing. Among the printed raw and auxiliary materials investigated, after green printing, the highest cost increase rate was 93% for fountain solution, and the lowest was 7% for paper.

From the cost increase of each material and its proportion of the total cost increase, the cost increase caused by paper is the most, which is 5,071.50 yuan, accounting for 60% of the total cost increase. The second is ink, and the cost increase is 1314.95 yuan, accounting for 15% of the total cost increase; the third is dampening solution, the cost increase is 898.77 yuan, accounting for 11% of the total cost increase. Therefore, the increase in the cost of raw and auxiliary materials brought by green printing is mainly caused by paper, ink and dampening solution, accounting for 86% of the total cost increase.

The above content is selected from the 6th issue of “Printing Technology·Digital Graphic Arts” in 2015. More journal content please pay attention to the journal channel.

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