Guang Kai Super WiFi stationed in National Stadium Date: 2015-09-08 14:43

The 2015 World Track and Field Championships was held in Beijing. The Shenzhen Stadium Guangqi Super WiFi used by the National Stadium allowed 80,000 people to access the Internet at the same time.

The reporter learned yesterday that before the opening of the current track and field World Championships, the Bird's Nest conducted a series of transformations and enhancements, including WiFi coverage. Guangqi Intelligent Photonics Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenzhen Guangqi, won the bid for the Super WiFi Solution and is responsible for the construction of WiFi in the Bird's Nest and public services and operations based on WiFi.

According to Guangqi, on July 18th, during the warm-up match between Valencia and Bayern Munich, the Bird's Nest WiFi was opened for trial. The technicians who had been sent to the site by Guang Qi, while uploading recent photos and videos of the star players, were busy measuring the bird's nest with both feet. They took a full two rounds, left no corners, and found all the signal dead spots.

During the track and field world championships, despite the large number of players at the same time, the rate recorded randomly throughout the venue was stable at about 2 Mbps, with a peak value of about 30 Mbps. When Chinese athlete Su Bingtian became the first Asian man in the world history to enter the men's 100m final, the audience sent a small climax via WiFi. The live network was smooth. It is understood that relying on the WeChat public service number of the Bird's Nest can also use the WiFi positioning function to facilitate the search for facilities such as seats and toilets.

It is reported that after the track and field World Championships, the Bird's Nest will usher in a series of large-scale events in the year, including Dream Show - Star Fantasy Tour, China Good Voice Finals, International Equestrian Masters, etc. Super WiFi will bring more screens to the audience. pleasure.


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