Jurlique is a pioneer in the field of natural skin care products. With the concept of “Nature, Science and Innovation”, Jurlique has always been concerned about the efficacy and performance of natural ingredients, and has established a pure skin care for women who pursue the concept of natural skin care. Beautiful Eden. For more than 20 years, the devout women who admire and enjoy the grace of nature have personally built the “Beautiful Eden” with pure skin and launched a limited edition rose skin flower water .

Limited edition rose skin flower water

Limited edition rose skin flower water

a romantic romance of roses

The rose symbolizes romance and perfection, and is after the uncompromising flower. It is Jurlique's signature flower and is the most proud member of Jurlique. It is also her beginning that many women know and love Jurlique. Jurlique uses the live-planting method to extract the essence of the heavens and the earth in a farm in Adelaide, southern Australia, to create a pure and beautiful French royal rose, making it more noble and pure. Born in 1993, the rose skin flower water has been loved by women all over the world for its pleasant aroma and excellent skin care effect, becoming a global best-selling star product. Each bottle of 100ml rose skin flower water condenses 8,000 rose petals of plant extracts. Let the world of women and roses have a romantic encounter, indulging in the fragrant world of roses.

Global limited rose skin flower water

As early as Jurlique officially entered the Chinese mainland market, rose skin flower water has become a must-have item for many women overseas purchasing. Since the official opening of the first Jurlique counter in mainland China in 2009, the rose skin flower water has been favored by many women who advocate natural plant skin care. Many of Jurlique's loyal fans started her life with this bottle of rose skin flower water. In 2011, Jurlique teamed up with the talented literary talent, Tian Yuan, to design a limited edition of rose skin flower water in China. I hope that this cross-border cooperation will attract more consumers' attention and create more hot spots for beauty and public opinion. For the consumers who admire the philosophy of natural living and beauty, they bring the harmony and joy of the body and mind, and the consumers who love the fresh art style bring unparalleled artistic visual enjoyment.

As a loyal user of Jurlique, Tahara said: "Every time I use Jurlique rose skin water, it makes me feel like I am bathed in the mist of rich roses. From this charming rose mist, I feel Jurlique brings The beautiful world with fresh plants and plants is proud to be the artist of your favorite plant brand. This design collaboration with Jurlique cross-border comes from the new perspective of Jurlique brand and rose skin flower water. Therefore, in the process of design creation, I will put my eyes into the roses. I hope that everyone can also join me in looking at the world from my own perspective, and grateful for the natural land that gives us life!"

The limited edition rose skin flower water contains precious rose essence and a variety of living formulas, which can effectively moisturize and create a healthy and perfect skin with a new balance. It can penetrate directly into the skin and open the pores of the skin. The preparation of skin care products is a high-performance water that can both moisturize and promote the absorption of subsequent skin care products. After use, it looks like the morning rosy nectar is immersed in the skin-like moisturizing fragrance, so that the skin is immersed in the romantic dream of roses. The body and mind can feel the nourishment and soothing brought by the godsend.

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