The bamboo doll lived in the hands of Zhang Keyi. Our reporter Lin Yunlong photo

Zhejiang Online August 08th, Hangzhou, Yuhang Zhongtai Township Zhongqiao Village has a 65-year-old artist named Zhang Keyi, who is now the only folk artist in the township who will be a "small pretty bamboo doll".

"Little Qiaozhu doll", as the name suggests, is a doll made of bamboo, with a string in the middle, pulling the line with different angles and strengths, the little doll will move with it, change Various actions.

Zhang Keyi said that Xiaozhu's dolls are their childhood toys. More than 50 years ago, people there were playing, and many people would do it. The materials made are particularly simple. The materials of the body and limbs are all kinds of bitter bamboo branches. Everyone's head uses a matchstick, the foot is a button, and a few holes are used to string together with a cotton thread.

The gameplay is also simple. Move two stools together and put them together. There is no seam in the middle. Just the cotton thread is worn out from the sole of the little doll, and the thread is put into the slit of the stool. The person playing is pulling the thread under the stool. Tight, "噌", Xiaozhu dolls stand up, and then one person controls a villain, "ping-pong", the bamboo dolls are playing on the stool. At first glance, it is like a puppet show.

Zhang Keyi said that at that time, boys liked to play this most. This is not. Xiaozhu is holding a sword. It doesn't matter how much fun, and shouting in the mouth, it is more exciting than watching a movie.

However, such a fun toy has disappeared for more than 50 years. Until the first two years, Zhongtai Township collected the intangible cultural heritage of the folklore, which led to the excavation of this "little bamboo doll".

Zhang Keyi said that I thought I hadn't done it for half a century. I forgot it. I didn't expect the impression to be too deep. I couldn't forget it. I did it when I did it. Not only did it come up, but it was also improved. For example, the villain’s head is no longer a matchstick, but a button like Facebook. The place where the fight is played is not a combination of two stools, but a small stage. It looks more like a puppet show.

Although it is still quite simple, Zhang Keyi has now carried this body, and has performed in Tangqi, Laoyuhang and even Hangzhou. He said that he did not expect that the response was very good. Many people read it and said it was fun.

Xiao Zhu’s practice

Master Zhang demonstrated the practice on the spot, it is not difficult.

Fine bamboo branches, a total of 9 knots, body section, hand four sections, four legs, small buttons for the head and feet. There are two holes in the section of the body. After the cotton thread is put in, it is hooked out with hooks. It is connected to the hand. The bottom is the connecting leg. The figure is very simple.

The point is that the hole in the body part should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the flexibility of the hands and feet, and the proportion of the hands and legs. Too long or too short will also affect the flexibility.

The villain's head and feet, as well as weapons, can fully exert their imagination and freely play.

There is also the stage, the street to buy a bamboo stool on the line, you can also do one yourself, as long as the middle is the seam.

In theory, this is completed, of course, interested children can also be a screenwriter, compile a martial arts drama, and dub their own operation of the villain, everyone to play together. how about it? Is it more fun than the toys bought on the street? Click to enter the home page of China and foreign toys

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