Knox ---- the all-round double electric double light source outdoor headlight, which is powered alternately by a 2000mAH polymer lithium battery and three section 7 batteries (into a special battery box), which is clean, environment-friendly, energy-efficient and at the same time solved Common lithium battery headlights cannot be charged under outdoor conditions. In combination with designer Mr. Mao's world-first anti-glare shading film, it perfectly solves the problem that the traditional headlights cause to dazzle each other when used, and also completely solves the possibility of false triggering of the headlight in the package.

Organic Cotton Bag

These Bags are certified by Gots and OEKO-TEX. So they are non-toxic, eco-friendly, 100% sustainable, ethically and fair trade produced. It's no harmful for our human body.

Organic Cotton Bag, Eco Friendly Bag, 100% Cotton Bag, Highly Custom Organic Cotton Bag

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