Recently, Japanese researchers have produced artificial blood vessels using specially designed inkjet printing equipment. This research has brought bioprinting technology to a new level.

The device was designed by researchers at the Kanagawa Institute of Science and Technology in Tokyo, Japan. They used the same precision and multi-layer technology as traditional inkjet printing equipment and produced live cells based on the data.

The research team used a display printer at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University to inject cell compounds into calcium chloride solution to form the texture and capillary of the artificial blood vessel.

Brian Derby, a professor of the school's raw material school of the school of thought, said that the findings of the study will likely lead to greater development on the basis of major breakthroughs.

He said that the Tokyo research team is currently conducting experiments based on investigations. The next step is to create blood vessels that can be transplanted into animals. He also added that this artificial blood vessel should be used in human clinical trials at least 5 to 20 years before it can be realized.

Eyelet Machine

This machine is used for punching,binding and riveting the eyelets on the papers in one operation with the eyelets feeding automatically in high efficiency.Once riveted, the eyelets will not easily broken off and are looking nice and smooth on the products without any scratches. 

The eyelet machines are widely used for paper bags, paper boxes, cartons, archive bags, document bags, secret documents, files, certificates, cards, hangtags,box seal and so on. 

1.The machine can automatically punch or continuously punch and rivet eyelets.
The punching and eyeletting can be finsished in one operation.
2.adjust hole distance freely according to the requirement.
3.The riveted shoes holes are are neat, beautiful and ametabolic with no scratches. 
4.Easy operation and reliable performance.
5.The efficiency is 8-15 times than manual operation.

Eyelet Machine

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