Summer is coming, many MMs all complain that their eyes look flat and unremarkable. In fact, only lazy women do not have ugly women. Now, come and learn the new paintings of summer eye makeup , let your eyes bloom and charm. Let's go.

Charming and charming woman's eye makeup

Summer eye makeup

The thick and full eyelashes are matched with the light pink, full of feminine feminine beauty, and the deep eyelids exude a sultry and deep scent. The focus of this eye makeup is on the way the eyeliner is drawn. The upper eyeliner first uses the eyeliner to outline the outline, and then use the eyeliner to superimpose it. It doesn't matter if the appropriate painting is thicker, and it does not need to be extended at the end of the eye to make the contour of the eye look more rounded. The lower eyeliner is drawn on the inner eyelids, which can deepen the contours of the eyes without leaving the eyes with a framed stiffness.

Fresh cat eye makeup

Summer eye makeup

Cat eye makeup has always been known for its sexy charm, but this cat's eye makeup is very fresh and sweet. The retro eye-catching eyeliner with curling eyelashes instantly magnifies the eye three times and uses a light coffee color at the end of the eye. The eye shadow emphasizes the effect of the slight flaw, so that the curvature of the eyeliner does not appear too exaggerated. Be careful to emphasize the effect of the end of the eye when painting the eyelashes. It can be applied repeatedly several times to enhance the thick feeling of the eyelashes.

Sweet Barbie Eye Makeup

Summer eye makeup

The radioactive eyelashes highlight the rounded contours of the eyes. This sweet Barbie eye makeup is perfect for a cute girl with a Japanese style. Shallow pearly eyeshadow with romantic blue-gray, the delicate texture of the eye makeup, full of summer bright atmosphere, eyelash shaping is the focus of this eye makeup. The eyeliner only needs to gently outline the outline, and the eyelashes are assisted by the thick false eyelashes with a refreshing sensation to create a long and curling natural effect, and then use a thick mascara with Z. The shape of the method retouches the eyelashes, allowing the true and false eyelashes to blend naturally. The lower eyelashes no longer need to be decorated with false eyelashes, highlighting the fresh and natural makeup. Apply mascara straight and straight down.

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