The development of lightweight particleboard is based on the existing conditions of particleboard enterprises, expanding the raw material from the past single poplar to eucalyptus, birch, ash, eucalyptus and its straw plants, using water-foamed polyurethane resin adhesive. , foaming and curing under certain conditions. The product overcomes the shortcomings of high density of ordinary particleboard, difficulty in handling, nailing, sawing, excessive formaldehyde emission, and limited use, and adds a new product to the family members of the particleboard.

Travel Toothbrush

Our company produces about a dozen types of travel Toothbrush. Because the packing is simple, the toothbrush is easy to carry after folding.

Suitable for all people who travel. Brush handle USES environmental protection grade material, can contact food and mouth directly, without any harmful material release, more healthy and safe.

Travel Toothbrush

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