Throughout the ancient and modern history of the mahogany culture, the wave of the booming industry, on March 15, the annual China (Zhongshan) Redwood Furniture Culture Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Red Expo") was once again grandly staged. Compared with previous years, the scale of this exhibition, the number of enterprises, the genre and the coverage are the highest. The exhibition has a total exhibition area of ​​16,500 square meters, attracting more than 160 well-known mahogany furniture companies from all over the country.

In terms of the theme, since the opening time of this "Red Expo" and the "International Consumer Rights Day" on the same day, "integrity" has become an important theme throughout the current Red Expo. At the opening ceremony, the organizers and 15 companies including Zhongshan Hongfa Furniture Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Dayong Town Xinlongxuan Classical Furniture Factory, Zhongshan Hongguxuan Furniture Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Dongcheng Furniture Co., Ltd. were released. "Zhongshan City Redwood Furniture Industry Integrity Convention".

It is understood that the Integrity Convention is still a treaty for self-discipline within the industry. Not all mahogany enterprises are eligible to join, and the companies that join must have no major product quality problems within three years. The signing enterprise will be eligible to receive an industry integrity mark for product packaging, so that consumers can have a basis for judging the reputation and product quality of the company when purchasing mahogany furniture.

It is worth mentioning that the Expo is also the first to break the limitations of the North and South regions on the basis of the original exhibitors, and promote the "North and South Famous Enterprises" to compete with Taiwan, attracting "Xian Zuo", "Jing Zuo", "Su Zuo", etc. The well-known local mahogany brand enterprises participated in the exhibition.

The reporter learned that most of the companies outside the exhibition are the big exhibitions of the Chinese mahogany classical furniture industry. The major schools have come up with the treasures of the towns and enterprises, and staged a collection of "Su Zuo" Qing Ling Xiu Xiu, "Jing Zuo" graceful and noble, "Guang Zuo" thick and heavy gas, "Xian Zuo" ancient rhyme Tiancheng The mahogany furniture show is a high-end summit in the history of Chinese mahogany furniture.

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Dongcheng Redwood Annually invested millions to establish Redwood Furniture Research Institute

On the afternoon of March 15, the opening ceremony of the Dongcheng Redwood Furniture Research Institute of Guangdong Province and the gift-giving ceremony of "New Classical Mahogany Furniture" were held in the Dongcheng Redwood Exhibition Hall of Dayong Town.

"Now it is not the era of fighting resources and fighting the environment, but the era of brainstorming and fighting culture. The core driving force for the development of enterprises depends on technological innovation, management innovation and talent innovation. For this reason, I have made great efforts. The completion of Guangdong Dongcheng Redwood Furniture Research Institute.” For the development of the entire redwood industry, Zhang Chengfu, chairman of Dongcheng Redwood, was deeply touched.

According to reports, Guangdong Dongcheng Redwood Furniture Research Institute is a non-profit organization, mainly engaged in research and development of new products, technology, maintenance products of mahogany furniture, and related topics such as mahogany furniture public welfare forum and training. It is the development process of Dongcheng Redwood Enterprise. A big innovation. After that, Dongcheng Redwood will invest 1 million yuan each year as support funds.

Zhongshan Hongmu Furniture Industry Association held an anniversary celebration

On March 14th, “Hongbo City Night” 2014 China (Zhongshan) Redwood Furniture Culture Expo welcome dinner, and the anniversary celebration of Zhongshan Redwood Furniture Industry Association was held in Sheraton Grand Hotel. More than 700 guests attended the ceremony, including nearly 500 of them are well-known mahogany furniture dealers from all over the country.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the organizers displayed the development history of the Zhongshan mahogany furniture industry in the form of sand painting performances and kicked off the grand ceremony. Subsequently, Xiao Zhaoxing, president of Zhongshan Redwood Furniture Industry Association, was the executive director of Lin Mengli, Lin Zhenqiang, Lin Zhenyu, and Lin Qingxin, Vice President Xiao Guocheng, and Lu Tiancai and Li Chaoyong. This means that a new batch of new solid forces has joined the association, and the elites have gathered together to create brilliance.


Compared with previous editions, the Red Expo has the largest scale and the largest number of manufacturers. The geographical scope of the guests is wider and the high-profile people gather. Through the platform of the Red Expo, the national enterprises brought the craft and cultural ideas to Zhongshan, which promoted the transformation and upgrading of Zhongshan's redwood industry. I hope that “Zhongshanhong” will become the “China Red” in the true sense, and Zhongshan will become The influential mahogany furniture capital of the country.

—Secretary of Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Xue Xiaofeng

Zhongshan has become an important mahogany furniture industry base in China. The furniture enterprises represented by the three towns of Dayong, Sanxiang and Shaxi have already embarked on a road of branding, marketization and specialization.

The key to the development of the mahogany furniture industry is to adhere to technological innovation, cultural leadership and brand creation. Nowadays, Zhongshan mahogany furniture has both classical charm and modern taste, making mahogany furniture from living and living become a collection of practical, ornamental and collectible works of art, giving the mahogany furniture more cultural connotations.

—Zhu Changling, Chairman of China Furniture Association

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