The National Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is the administrative department responsible for the inspection and control of import and export commodities in China's foreign trade system, which also includes the control of the quality of export cartons. This department has its own inspection standards (inspection and quarantine standards) and includes inspection standards for cartons. Different from the national standard, the national standard covers all the common testing methods and technical standards for the carton packaging form in China. The inspection and quarantine standards are specific to the export of carton, which has its specificity and is described in more detail. Therefore, it is obvious for carton manufacturers to understand these standards.

With the more and more extensive use of cartons, the detection of various properties of cartons has become more important. The detection of paper products and cartons mainly includes the following:
1. The national standard for corrugated cartons is GB6543-2008, and its main test items include carton compression and stacking strength tests.
2. National standard GB / T13024-2003, the main test items include quantitative, thickness, tightness, burst resistance index, transverse ring pressure index, transverse fold resistance, water absorption of ordinary boxboard, cowhide boardboard and kraft boxboard , Moisture and other tests.
3. The national standard GB / T6544-2008 mainly specifies the test items for the thickness, edge pressure strength, adhesive strength, burst strength, puncture strength and moisture of corrugated cardboard.
4. The national standard is GB / T13023-2008. It mainly tests the quantitative, tightness, transverse ring compressive strength index, longitudinal cracking length and moisture of corrugated base paper, etc. to meet the requirements of relevant standards.
5. GB / T451.2-2002 "Determination of Quantification of Paper and Paperboard"), where quantification is one of the most basic performance indicators of paper, and quantification is often regarded as the characteristic parameter of paper. The so-called quantitative is "the mass of the unit area of ​​paper and cardboard measured in accordance with the prescribed test method, the unit is g / m2." The accuracy of quantitative measurement of paper is related to the area accuracy of the test sample and the accuracy of the weighing device. It is recommended Weigh with a circular quantitative sampler of a punching type and a balance with an accuracy of 0.01 g.

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