Trademarks are a major component of graphic symbols and are a commercial type of special sign. Its specific content is the mark of the quality, specification, and characteristics of a factory or company that distinguishes between manufacturing or operating a certain commodity. In short, a trademark is a mark of a product.

Trademarks are not only the mark that distinguishes different producers or operators of goods, but also an important basis for consumers to identify and purchase goods. The existence of commodity economy will inevitably use trademarks.

I. The significance and content of trademark design

A product has no competitiveness in the market. In addition to quality and price, trademark design is also an important factor. That is to say, a good phonetic design has a great bearing on enhancing the competitiveness of products and improving the economic efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, in countries with developed products and fierce market competition, commodity producers and operators attach great importance to the design of trademarks. For instance, Mobil Oil Company used psychological, language, social, and statisticians in order to change the “Esso” trademark to “Exxon”. It took six years to investigate the language and mental health of the 55 countries. More than 10,000 trademarks were written and spent more than $1.4 million.

As a graphic symbol, a trademark generally consists of an image, a name, and a "visual identification mark" consisting of a fixed color and a fixed position. These three parts sometimes exist separately, or both or all three can be organically combined.

According to the composition of the trademark, the trademark can be divided into a variety of Chinese-style trademarks, digital trademarks, letter-type trademarks, figurative trademarks, symbolic trademarks, allegorical trademarks, and comprehensive trademarks.

Second, the trademark design requirements

Due to the differences in historical traditions, social life and ethnic characteristics, trademarks in different countries have different styles and characteristics. Looking at the characteristics, styles, evolutions, and current trends of trademark design in various countries around the world, the law that evokes the development and change of trademarks is: in terms of form, it is gradually becoming simpler and clearer; it is gradually becoming clear and upright; The painting processing turned to the pattern design, and the general pattern was changed to an abstract geometric pattern, in which the letter-type trademark accounted for a large proportion. At present, the trend of the development of modern trademarks is: signalization of the forms of expression, eye-catching, deep impressions, easy to identify and remember; artistic effects of advertising, poetic mood, beautiful transport, beautiful and pleasing.

In view of the above, as well as the nature and role of the trademark, the design of the trademark should strive to meet the following requirements on the premise of compliance with relevant laws and regulations:

1, the trademark design should be significant

Trademarks are a kind of mark symbol that is used on a commodity and thus determine that it should be distinctive.

In order to enhance the distinctiveness of trademarks, trademark graphics should be concentrated as much as possible. For loose graphics, borders should generally be added to make them appear compact and beautiful.

2. The trademark design should be unique

The role of a trademark is to distinguish the quality and characteristics of producers and commodities. Different trademarks must have distinct differences. Therefore, the requirement for trademark design should be unique.

The subject matter that can be used as a trademark is very extensive, including animals, plants, scenery, artifacts, names, names of plants, and auspicious words. When designing a trademark, we should give full play to creativity and try our best to open up some new themes.

3, trademark design should be concise

Trademarks generally have manufacturers, but also have a trademark. Therefore, the trademark name is compatible, the image is concise, easy to identify, easy to remember, and easy to call.

Trademarks only accounted for one of the "one size," and therefore required the logo to be simple and clear. Even if a pattern only draws one thing, it should simplify the pattern by simplifying it. The logo design is evolving from simplicity to simplicity. For instance, the trademarks of American International Paper Company have undergone several simplified updates. The beginning of the graphic is a circle of flowers, with text ribbons underneath. There are big trees, mountains and waterfalls in the picture. The content is quite complicated. After many simplifications, it was finally reduced to a tree symbol consisting of two letters "IP" plus a circle. This not only simplifies the content, but also maintains the main characteristics of the original pattern.

4, trademark design should have allegorical

The trademark is actually an intangible commodity salesman. The advertising role of a trademark requires that the trademark has a certain implied meaning, which can not only create a good image for enterprises and commodities, but also encourage companies to work hard.

Some of the implication of the trademark is hidden in the pattern, but the wonderful is contained in the name. The trademark is both a visual symbol and an auditory symbol. What people see is the pattern. The name is called and heard. Therefore, it is also very important to make a good name for a trademark.

5, trademark design should be artistic

The trademark is a unique flower in the art garden. One of the functions of trademarks is to decorate and beautify goods to attract consumers to purchase. The beautification of trademarks requires the trademark to be artistic.

The art forms are various and varied. They use symmetry to appear plump, beautiful, and stable. Words and trademarks are sometimes lacking in art, but they can also receive ideal artistic effects when properly shaped.

6, trademark design should be consistent with national customs

When designing a trademark, in addition to the above principles, it should also conform to national customs. Now some countries and regions have loved and tabooed designs for reference when designing.


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