Patent name: Screen printing equipment

Patent application number: CN03812399.1 Publication number: CN1655933

Application Date: 2003.05.29 Public Day: 2005.08.17

Applicant: Japan Valley Motor Industry Co., Ltd.

A screen printing apparatus having an elongate box-like body on one side of a device. In the interior of the subject. A chamber for holding the solder paste and a roller that can be rotated along the axis of the main body are provided; a squeegee projecting forward and obliquely downward is printed. The end blade of the scraper slides on the upper surface of the screen. At the same time, it is in contact with the surface of the screen; the guide plate protrudes rearwards and obliquely downwards and is located on the opposite side of the squeegee at the end edge of the printing at such a height as from the end blade to the upper surface of the screen. Keep a predetermined gap. The solder paste discharged from the discharge port can be filled into the pattern hole of the screen plate by means of the liquid pressure of the solder paste. The discharge port is located between the squeegee and the guide plate. The filling is achieved by moving the device body forward (ie in the printing direction) and turning the roller in a direction. In every printing. Remaining solder paste adhering to the upper surface of the screen at the time of the previous printing is introduced into the discharge port through the gap so that the remaining solder paste is mixed into the solder paste discharged from the discharge port and used for printing.

Reprinted from: Printed Today

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