Patent Name Personalized Luminescent Packaging Box Patent Applicant Yang Shuaibing Primary Applicant Address 518067 No. 62, Huaguo Road, Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China 401 Inventor Yang Shuaibing; Zhang Yangjing; Yang Zhongyi; Yang Xianli Application (Patent) No. 200510033650.7 Date of Application 2005.03. 23 Date of Issuance Approval Notice No. 1657374 Date of Publication of the Notice 2005.08.24 Instruction CD-ROM D0534 Main Classification No. B65D81/36 Classification No. B65D81/36 Subsidiary Original Application No. Priority Abstracts The present invention “Personalized luminous packaging box” is suitable for the current The development of productivity, the improvement of people's living standards, and the improvement of art appreciation have been designed and produced. The packaging of goods, especially gifts, is now very particular. The packaged products improve the competitiveness of the products. However, personalized luminous packaging has not yet been seen on the market. In the present invention, an LED soft flat panel light-emitting board can be used to create an overall or partial (all shapes) outer package light, and can be written with a trademark, product name, manufacturer, manufacturing date, auspicious characters and other personalized text, numbers, patterns , With appreciation value, but also to the manufacturers themselves for advertising. The use of LED light source, low power consumption, high brightness, high life, embedded in plastic optical fiber and other substrate edge. Can be plated into a variety of characteristics such as luminous boxes. It belongs to the field of optoelectronics and new materials applications. Sovereign Items 1. A kind of "LED soft light panel light-emitting board" used in the invention of "personalized light-emitting packaging box" light-emitting body, according to customer requirements and market conditions, made of LED soft light-emitting board of a certain shape, size. The entire light-emitting box or box is made luminous by using a light-emitting board, but the outer surface emits light or the inner surface emits light, but the inner and outer parts of the box emit light. However, a separate luminous gift is placed in the box. However, the light is flat, but it is three-dimensional. The light-emitting board substrate uses plastic optical fiber materials, transparent organic glass materials, other transparent engineering plastic materials, crystal materials, and the like. It can be made into any light box with different shapes and effects. Can make double-sided light.

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