The QFN-GHX-Z multifunctional photochemical reaction instrument produced by Shanghai Qiaofeng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a photochemical reaction instrument equipment integrating all light source reaction experiments. Now all the light source reaction experiments on the market are basically Can complete the corresponding experiment.

Qiao Feng Instruments reminds customers who have just bought a photochemical reactor that they must check and confirm that all accessories are complete before signing.

The configuration list of Qiao Feng brand multifunctional photochemical reactor is as follows:

Product quantity remarks Cold water circulation device 1 QFN-T-1003S reaction dark box 1 dedicated light source controller quartz cold trap 1 mercury lamp 1 light source optional xenon lamp 1 light source optional metal halide lamp 1 light source optional magnetic stirring device 1 eight-position quartz test tube 16 Only 30ml, 50ml each 8 sample reaction bottles 1 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml optional

For more information about Shanghai Qiaofeng brand multifunctional photochemical reactor, please follow Qiao Feng website:

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