The effects of drying temperature and moisture content on the emission of volatile organic chemicals (VOC) during processing of oriented strand board (OSB) were studied, and the effects of OSB compression time, temperature and resin content were compared. The test results clearly show that the drying temperature plays an important role in the emission of VOC from shavings. A positive correlation between the VOC emission level at the drying temperature, processing, and the corresponding OSB factory product emission level. The total amount of VOC increases as the moisture content and drying temperature increase. The results confirmed the fact that when a given moisture content of wood shavings is more air-dried in the surrounding environment than in the high temperature. However, processing low water content shavings at high drying temperatures will degrade the shavings and increase the level of emissions.

The Book-shaped Gift Box looks like a book when it is closed. This design makes it special but price comparatively cheap as this kind of packaging box can be made with machine.

The book-shaped rigid packaging box is widely used in different industries, specially in electron industry, cosmetics industry. It looks luxury and assign products higher value!

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fancy paper book shape gift box

Book-shaped Gift Box

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